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My children absolutely adore painting in our bathtub with homemade bath paint. Seriously, I have to use my count to three threat after an hour of bath paint time.

Homemade Bath Paint Recipe!

I have to admit, I started to dreading making this easy homemade bath paint recipe because it took up at least an hour for bath time.

Here’s our easy homemade bath paint recipe

  • 1 c Baby Wash
  • 1/2 c of Corn Starch
  • Food Coloring – we like to use the neon colors, too
  • muffin pan – we use silicon ones so they don’t rust

Homemade Bath Paints Recipe!

  • Mix baby wash and corn starch in a bowl
  • Pour mixture in individual muffin tins
  • Add a 2-3 drops of food coloring to each muffin tin, and mix well
  • Save leftovers in a plastic container. I leave it white so they can decide what colors they want next time.

This recipe makes 2 batches for our little ones.

Since my 4 and 7-year-old enjoy this bath activity so much, I decided to come up with a list of things I could do in the bathroom while still maintaining a close eye on them. Now please don’t email me and say how unsafe my parenting skills are. I advise you to not do this if you have infants or young toddlers. You understand my point, right!

9 Things to do while your Kids are playing with Homemade Bath Paints

I am sure you can think of a many more constructive things you can do while you keeping an eye on your little ones during bath time.

And the best of the homemade bath paints, besides it keeps them busy for an hour, it’s a breeze to clean up! There are not many activities that keep my little ones busy without a big clean up process.

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Thanks for pinning this easy homemade bath paint recipes! Have FUN!