I am so honored to be doing a guest post on Blessed Beyond A Doubt!

As a homeschool graduate I’ve had plenty of experience to what books are very beneficial in the homeschooling home, what books are great encouragement to the students, other books that have brought knowledge in areas, and than more books that are just…shelf-hogs.

Top 5 Books Christian Homeschoolers Cannot Do Without!

Knowing that many families who read on Blessed Beyond A Doubt, don’t all have high school students, so I’m only choosing childrens best books that are a necessity for all ages and grade groups!

Also, I’ll give you some input of how it helped me and my brothers!

Lamplighter Books
These books are classic, but the wisdom and Christian character lessons throughout each book is extremely bountiful. No child learns better than by a fictional story that gives an example of both the “curses and blessings” of not following in the steps of Christ!
I love these books, and read MANY of them in my school years.  If I was too “young” to read them to myself, my mom read them to me and my brother. Lamplighter books have a great purpose for building godly character, or encouraging a disciple attitude.
We have a whole shelf dedicated to our Lamplighter Collection!
My family uses these books for Bible, Literature, or just a relaxing read.
These books are a must-have on my list.

1828 Dictionary
If I sound weird saying dictionary being one of the top 5 books to have, well, I’m not. But this is not an ordinary dictionary, it is the Webster’s 1828 dictionary! I cannot tell you how many times I had to refer to a Dictionary to get a definition of a word for some of my school work, or figure out what some of the words I’ve read meant! My mom loved it because she gave a lot of vocabulary words…LOTS! Our dictionary gets used by all my family members, especially if we’re looking at words from historic documents.

YWAM Books
YWAM stands for Youth With A Mission. The books I am referring to are biographies of great missionaries, from all around the globe. They even have historic figure biographies! (i.e. George Washington, Clara Barton, Daniel Boone, etc.). I love YWAM books! The history and Christian prosecution that are told in these detailed books are amazing. We have like twenty of the books, not including the children’s books. My family have read, cried, shuttered, and praised God at the victories and tragedies those missionaries and their families go through!

Character Sketches
The Character Classics books are wonderful! Each book is packed full of God’s animals, character traits, and Bibical stories to go with each of the animals! The art is explicit, and the detailed description of the animals labeled are very informative.  The Bible stories are very unique, sharing things I didn’t even know! Not to mention the many characters that are being taught. (i.e. Loyalty, Respect, Trust, etc.).>I think the maps that compare our modern geography from the Bible times are amazing! The countries we have now didn’t exist, and if they did, they were much larger and totally different! To see the cities and then modern geographical overlays blows your mind away! I think it is cool to see the lands that belonged to the tribes of Israel. I used these a lot during my high school years, but I remember my mom reading to use from the Bible when I was younger and showing us the travel of Jesus, or the ministries of Paul, or the ancient city of Jerusalem. This is a great thing, and something no Christian homeschooler should go without!

Then and Now Bible Maps
My family uses this wonderful resource when we are doing Bible studies/assignments. I find it fascinating to compare todays geographical layout, compared to those in the Bible time. This should be on your list!


I hope that this helps you in finding the best childrens books for homeschooling , or gives you some ideas for some really fantastic books! I know that you will love them, just like I have, my family, and others who have experienced the power of these priceless books.


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