Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a time when couples spend the whole day together in romantic bliss. Which can make it difficult to celebrate if you and your partner are both busy with work or other activities!

Don't miss out this Valentine's because your're both busy. Check out these 7 way to make it happen this year.But don’t worry, if you’re creative you can still Have a Lovely Valentine’s Day When You’re Both Busy!

How to Have a Lovely Valentine’s Day When You’re Both Busy

1. Celebrate Early or Late in the Day

If you want to have a nice Valentine’s Day when you’re both busy, you may need to have it at an unconventional time. Get up early or stay up late if necessary. There’s nothing more

 than watching the sunrise or sunset together!

2. Celebrate on a Different Day

If you both can’t schedule time to celebrate Valentine’s on the 14th, then how about the 13th or 15th? Valentine’s Day is just about the two of you, so it doesn’t really matter what day everyone else is celebrating on. If necessary, pick a day a whole week before or after actual Valentine’s Day.

3. Have Valentine’s Week

If you’re really determined to have Valentine’s Day when you’re both busy, you may need to change it from “day” to “week.” See if you can grab a special 30 minutes each day for a week for small Valentine’s celebrations. Maybe one day you have a leisurely breakfast of heart shaped pancakes together. Maybe the next you both go for a romantic stroll by the lake. You may wind up finding that your Valentine’s week was better than a single Valentine’s Day would have been!

4. Have a Simple Celebration

Who says that Valentine’s Day has to be a whole elaborate affair? You and your significant other can have a perfectly lovely day with just a simple celebration instead. Consider having a nice home cooked meal by candlelight, or a cozy 90 minutes on the couch watching a funny rom-com. You’ll both be able to relax from your busy day and celebrate a nice Valentine’s together.

5. Contact Each Other During the Day

If work will be keeping the two of you apart for most of Valentine’s Day, you’ll have to get creative! Consider calling, texting, or emailing your partner whenever you get a chance. You can send cute little photos or funny Valentine’s messages. Just some little things that say you’re thinking of one another in between all the work you have to do.

6. Be Together for Mundane Activities

A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re both busy is to be together for typically mundane tasks. Join your partner on their morning run, cook together, and clean the dishes together. Any time together, even if it’s time spent doing chores, can help make your busy Valentine’s Day more special!

Have you ever had a really busy Valentine’s Day?