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There are many suggestions about time management tips for teachers today, but one stands true to me and I believe to every teacher under the sun.

time management tips for teachers

Trust me on this one, I’ve avoided this one simple, but so valuable time management tip in the past only to become stressed and adding more teaching time to my busy day. No matter what curriculum or home school approach you embed in your home school, you can ask the students this one question….

How does this apply to your life today?

I have found the most valuable tool in teaching is making the subject their own. If one doesn’t see the value in the subject, they aren’t going to remember it. It’s just the way our brain works. We spend time discussing what they can take with them from the topic they studied. There is no right or wrong answer and it makes them use their noodles. It makes wonderful table talk.

In doing this, I have spent less time reviewing the information later down the road. Yes, it might seem tedious in the beginning but they will be gaining so much knowledge by making the subject their own by applying it to their own lives with simple projects.

Here are a few ideas that we implement to make subjects their own. 

  • Creative Book Reports
  • Essay (usually just a few paragraphs)
  • Power Point Presentation (this is one of my kiddos favorite)
  • Make a video
  • Dress up like the character (my little ones love to play or act out the subject)
  • Lapbook
  • Notebook Pages
  • Keeping a daily journal

When completing the projects, the students are required to state how they can apply it to their lives to be a better leader and servants to God.

Now of course, you don’t have to do this for everything you teach your children, but just the topics or subjects you feel are impertinent to their lives.

Today we watched the DVD, John Wesley, as a family. After the movie, we discussed in detail what it meant to be a servant of God. The older ones wrote a short essay about how John Wesley impacted them today to become a better leader. I was highly impressed with their thoughts.

Yes, it would have been easier and less time-consuming if they just watched the movie, but I wanted them to remember how John Wesley lived his life for God.

You will be amazed at the results when your children apply their subjects to their lives and make it their own. Review time will be scarce, but you will have intelligent and real thinkers as students.

Agree or disagree?