This review was made possible by iConnect and Febreze.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

I’m going to share a secret with you that I discovered in the last few years. It might shock some of you and/or might just plain out devastate you depending on your personality.

But, I am going to keep it real, sistahs!

Don't get stressed out this holiday when planning a Christmas party. Check out how I managed to throw together a simple, but FUN party on a budget and I never stressed out. I kept things simple, and everyone had a blast. #12Stinks

Your friends couldn’t care less how many hours you spend cleaning and preparing for your joyous Christmas party each year.

Not that they don’t appreciate your hard efforts, but they simply couldn’t care less how spotless your house is or about eating the fancy appetizers that they can’t pronounce. They are at your house to visit with you and to celebrate the miraculous season. 

I think we all can relate to this short, but entertaining video, huh?

This season I had the opportunity to work with FeBreeze and host a little gathering. I decided I was going to make this party entertaining, but as simple as possible.

Trust me, it was a HUGE hit! In fact, some people had too much fun. 

Here’s How to Throw a Last-Minute Christmas Party on a Budget

Simply Clean the Kitchen, Bathroom, and Sitting Area. When I say clean, I mean make it presentable. I didn’t do any deep cleaning or anything major. So, in a nutshell, don’t pay to have your house cleaned for this Christmas party unless you have money to spare, and if you do, I would probably guess you wouldn’t be reading this post because of the title.

Call, Text, or send Evites to Guests. I discovered that when I invited my guests personally, I got a better response. I usually get a definite RSVP. My friends found it more personable when I actually invited them one by one. Then, I sent out a mass text or email for a reminder closer to the Christmas party date.


Make Sure your House Smells Inviting. Nobody has time to stress about the smell of their home when they have guests over. That’s why I love Febreze – it’s the perfect solution for eliminating those yucky holiday stinks, no matter how big the party gets. I placed Febreze AirEffect in the guest bathroom and sprayed it periodically throughout the night. My bathroom still smelled like fresh cranberries in the morning. It was a fresh lingering scent that made the night festive.

I also burned a Febreze candle in Fresh Cut Pine scent in the sitting room. My guests commented on the lovely Christmas scent when they walked in the door. Febreze offers a line of products with freshness capabilities that range from eliminating pet odors and tackling sweat stink, to decorating the home with lovely scent and freshening in a pinch.

Shh, Febreze is the secret to keeping my home smelling sweet.


Have a Wine-Tasting Event. I encouraged my guests to each bring a bottle of their favorite wine so we all could have a wine-tasting. This eliminated the high alcohol cost for me without looking cheap. My guests were more than thrilled to share their favorite wines with all of the guests. Most guests brought more than one bottle. You could do the same thing with an appetizer or dessert instead of a wine tasting. Be creative. Guests love to share their favorites with others.


Serve Simple Finger Foods and Dips. I bought a couple blocks of cheese and served this so easy cream cheese spread with a variety of crackers. It took me less than 5 minutes to put the cheese on pretty plates. No cooking or prep was involved. My guests were all thrilled with the simplicity of the foods. I didn’t even have to use silverware; I just provided cocktail napkins.

Seriously, that’s all I did to prepare for this fun and festive Christmas party. I never felt the need to stress and was so glad that I kept it so simple. Everyone had a great time chatting and laughing throughout the night. After all, isn’t that what a Christmas party should really be about? Laughing and visiting, right? Guests just want to come and relax. 

I decided that it was more important for me to enjoy the evening with my guests and entertain them with my presence than provide them with this flashy Christmas party. 

It was simply a joy to throw a last-minute Christmas Party on a budget. I challenge you to make a Christmas party happen this year, even if it’s with just a few guests. 

Do you have any tips to add for making a last-minute party a success without breaking the bank?