Nearly Natural provided me with the Artificial Christmas tree. All opinions are 100% my very own

As we always tend to say in our family this time of year, “Christmas is coming!”

We are only a few weeks away from decorating our house for the season and putting up our Christmas trees. That is right, “trees”! One of our family Christmas traditions is to put up multiple trees. We put a tree in the living room, as well as one in the office and our bedrooms. Since we put up multiple trees, we always use pre-lit, artificial Christmas trees.

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The Most Memorable Family Christmas Tradition that will Last a Lifetime

One of the most favorable family Christmas traditions and one that I’ve been implementing since my oldest son was born is to gift each one of my children with a new ornament each year. In fact, my mom absolutely loved the tradition that she started gifting my children with a unique ornament, too.

#artificialchristmastree #besttypeofartificialchristmastree #christmastraditionskids #christmastraditionskidsideasfamilies #christmastreeideas2020simpleI always pick an ornament that relates to the child for that particular year. For example, my son was into Star Wars one year, so his ornament for that particular year was a Storm Trooper. I always make sure the ornament has the year on it somewhere so that my children will have a cherished memory of that year.

When my children get married, I gift them with all their own personal ornaments so they instantly have a tree full of meaningful ornaments.

It’s such a fun tradition, and, during my first Christmas with my husband, he pulled out a box of his ornaments that his mother had given him through the years. Now our trees are a wonderful combination of both of us.

I challenge you to start this Memorable Family Christmas Tradition that will Last a Lifetime this year. It’s never too late to start a new family tradition. Start this year!

Our New Artificial Tree Tradition

Each year, we add a new tree to the house, and this year we found a beautiful, pre-lit artificial Christmas tree online at Nearly Natural. We will be placing this tree in the living room as our main tree. For our tree, we chose the 7.5-foot Northern Tip Pine artificial Christmas tree with 1,380 bendable branches and 400 clear, LED lights. The tree came equipped with a metal base, and, with a little fluffing of the branches, the tree went up in minutes. The best part, no need to untangle strings of lights to hang on the tree.

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Nearly Natural dates back over 75 years to the patriarch of the Nearly Natural family, Henry Friedman, known as Grandpa Nearly Natural. Mr. Friedman was a renowned horticulturalists with actual species of plants named after him. For generations, the nearly natural family has found themselves inspired by the beauty of nature, and, today, they use that love and inspiration of nature to create products that Mother Nature would approve of and make Grandpa Nearly Natural proud.

Christmas trees are a beloved and classic tradition stretching back for decades. Other traditions? Waiting in lines to buy an overpriced tree, watering daily and sweeping up needles, and hauling away a dead tree weeks later. Nearly Natural’s artificial Christmas trees of all sizes are a great investment; perfectly composed trees with plenty of tips to hang your treasured ornaments on, clear lights perfectly placed that stay lit (even if one burns out), and a no-maintenance set-up and breakdown. Our smaller trees add accent and holiday spirit all through your home and porch, featuring fake pine cones and holly berries. There’s enough to be stressed about during the holidays…let Nearly Natural take care of your décor for years to come!

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Nearly Natural has hundreds of trees to choose from. There are trees of all shapes and colors, as well as with clear or colored lights. There are traditional green trees designed to look like every species of a pine tree, as well as champagne, red, and white trees. Nearly Natural also offers flocked trees made to look like fresh snow has fallen on the tree. Their trees range in height from 4-feet to 9-feet tall, perfect for any room of the house, and they even offer slender trees and trees with flat backs for those smaller spaces.

Save time and money for moments that matter with a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree from Nearly Natural. You can pick from trees with tasteful white lights or get festive in color with multicolored lights. Whichever tree you choose, you will have the most beautiful tree for years to come with their long shelf life. It is Nearly Natural’s mission to provide exceptional products that exceed the expectations of its customers at a price that is fair and reasonable. If you visit their site now, Nearly Natural is offering 15% off any tree using code Tree15, and they are offering free shipping.

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