This article was written by Kaitlin Krull.

Making space in your home for schoolwork is a daunting task. The distractions of home life (television, toys, and food to name but a few) are forever present, someone always needs a snack, and of course there is never anywhere to get work done. If you’re forever clearing space on your kitchen table or stepping over piles of books and dioramas in the living room, try creating a home classroom designed specifically for your kids that fosters both creativity and productivity at the same time.

Playroom Upgrade

If your home has one already, make your playroom more functional for school age children to reflect classroom layouts and encourage creativity. Display artwork, update toy storage, and make the space as accessible as possible for maximum output.


Happiness is Homemade

Painting a chalkboard wall or framing and hanging a blackboard is a great way to encourage kids to work out math problems, practice spelling, and get creative both during and after school time. It also gives a classic, whimsical feel without screaming “playroom”.


The Sweatman Family

Home Library

If you’ve passed the playroom phase, use or create a home library and furnish it with school books and relevant materials for children (encyclopedias, reference books, etc.). Make sure the space has comfortable seating and a desk or table where the magic will happen. Your home will instantly become a source of knowledge with a sophisticated flair.



Small Space Solutions

Short on space? Make your own homeschool station by dividing a small table in half with a bookcase. Use hanging baskets or magazine racks on one end to maximize storage. This works particularly well for multiple children, or for a child and a work from home parent.


Better Homes and Gardens

If your DIY skills leave something to be desired, simply cordon off a section of your kitchen/living room/sunroom with a bookshelf or table, fill it with all the school supplies your kids might possibly need, and decorate to your taste. Bright colors stimulate creativity, so a lick of paint can easily do the trick to liven up a drab shelving unit. Make sure the space is organized (a place for everything, and everything in its place) and accessible, and off you go!



For even smaller spaces, make a portable study carrel and store school supplies in a crate or box. Just because you have no room for a school desk doesn’t mean you can’t make a schoolwork station. Have the kids make it themselves for extra credit!


Modern Parents Messy Kids

Creating the perfect study space for children can be as complicated or as simple as you make it. Whether you redecorate an entire room in your house or set aside a few supplies in a dedicated spot, your efforts will not be wasted on your kids. Your enthusiasm for their learning environment will inevitably transfer to them and you will all reap the benefit of your new work station. Give yourself an A for effort!

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