This is a sponsored post written on behalf of ArmoGear.

We’re talking Extreme Lazar Tag at Home FUN for the entire family!

It’s addicting! We’ve never laughed so hard!

This past weekend we cherished memories with a fun family laser tag tournament! We wanted to do something a bit different than our normal entertainment endeavors. 


With the real-like, vibrating gun sounds we created a captivating gameplay experience that turned our family away from our never-ending electronics. 

And guess who won? Stay tuned.

Yes, I admit my husband and I can act like silly big kids. We actually had to draw names to decide which color blaster each family member would use for our laser tag game. The war was on before we even opened the Lasar Battle box. 

We all tend to be a tad competitive. I think that’s what made the laser tag at home so much fun!


What’s included in the ArmoGear Laser Battle?

  • 4 Laser Battle guns – comes in blue, red, green and orange
  • 4 Laser Battle Vests

Each blaster uses 3 AAA batteries and each vest uses 3 AAA batteries. (set of 4 totals to 24 AAA batteries). So if you are giving this as a gift make sure you include batteries. The worse is when a child receives a gift but can’t play with it because of the lack of batteries.

After you receive your laser gun you will need to do the following:

  • Be sure to power on your gun
  • Decide and pick a team color on the gun
  • Press the weapon button and decide on a weapon mode – shotgun, machine gun, rocket, or pistol mode

I definitely think you need to be familiar with your gun before you start to play laser tag at home. It will make your experience much more rewarding.

Wearing the Vests

  • Be sure to turn on your vest with the on/off button
  • Press the team button(the same color as your gun and partner)

The Objective of the Laser Battle

Your goal is to wipe out the enemy or enemies out by shooting them directly on their target(vest) to remove them from the playing field without getting yourself hit. The last team to remain in the game is the winner. Each player has 9 lives that are indicated on your vest to avoid confusion. The game can last up to two hours. 

There is a cool invisible mode that you can select to turn off your led lighting. You are able to shoot up to 150 feet away. It’s really so awesome. It actually uses a human voice to let you know your status. It was helpful but it’s a bit hard to hear. Each gun also has a built-in Night vision LED. 

Have you’ve been wanting to have a fun family night without electronics? If so, I recommend you purchase this super fun Laser Battle game set for your gang that will take laser tag at home at a new level.

Yes, our family is goofing, silly, and loves to be entertained. Laser Battle is right up our family’s alley.

And I’m sure it’s no surprise that we parents beat the kids! After all, we were using our CSI skills.

Let us know how your gang enjoyed playing laser tag at home. Be prepared to laugh because it’s so much fun!

Win an ArmoGear Laser Battle

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