how to home school

How to start your home school on time seems to be one of the million dollar questions among the homeschool community.

I must admit, we tend to struggle in this area as the school year progresses.  In other words, we get out of routine and our homeschool seems to get out of control.  I do feel it’s necessary to have a set school time because it teaches real life skills.  As adults, we have appointments and deadlines to meet.  Starting our homeschool on time teaches time management skills to my children.

Of course, there are days when unexpected things and activities come up, but that’s just reality.  Our homeschool world isn’t going to come to a halt if we have one day off schedule, but the key is to get back in a routine the next day.

How to Start Home School on Time DAILY

  1. Have a set time that you start school each day.
  2. Plan breakfast the night before.
  3. Diligently have a set bedtime for the children.
  4. Bathe children in the evenings.
  5. Set the children’s clothes out in the evening for the next day.
  6. Require each child to have (2) sharpened pencils before the school day is over for the next school day.
  7. Require a 10 minute clean up before everyone goes to bed to avoid clutter.
  8. Post all children’s chores in a visible location, so everyone knows what is expected before school starts.
  9. Plan lesson plans a week in advance.
  10. Make sure your all school subjects and supplies are well-organized.
  11. Set a bedtime for yourself, so you can rise when the alarm goes off.
  12. Make sure you have a consequence if your children are not promptly ready to start school at the scheduled time.
  13. Wake up before the children so you can spend time with the Lord before your busy day begins.

No homeschool is perfect, just set goals and move forward.  Don’t let Satan take the joy out of your homeschool journey.

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I encourage you to leave a comment in regards to How to Home School on Time DAILY!  We would love to hear what works for you.