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A handprint pumpkin patch makes the cutest little art project! handprint pumpkin patch   Yes, I am a total sucker when it comes to handprints. They only stay little for a short time. So, I decided I wanted my little ones to each make a handprint pumpkin patch. And yours can, too! All the items you need you probably have around the house or you can purchase at Walmart. handprint pumpkin patch supplies What you need for the handprint pumpkin patch:

handprint pumpkin patch 2 Simple Handprint Pumpkin Patch Directions:

  • Cover your child’s finger from the knuckles to the palm of your hand with orange paint
  • Practice a few times on scratch piece of paper before stamping on cardstock
  • Make various handprints to resemble a pumpkin patch
  • Use green marker for drawing stems and vine

You can frame these cute handprint pumpkin patch creatives and use as Fall decor.  All grandma’s will think these handprint pumpkin patch idea is the cutest, too! And of course, any project is more FUN with books.


Have you pinned this Handprint Pumpkin Patch idea yet?