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Can you believe that spring is right around the corner, which also means that it is Easter time as well? Here in Texas we have had a really mild winter so far, but nevertheless, we are always so happy when the winter transitions into spring. I love seeing the grass start to green up, the birds emerge, and life in full display.

Super cute DIY chocolate bunnies! Make them today!

We are looking forward to doing some fun projects together as a family, and trying out some fun and yummy recipes as well. We have a super cute and crazy-easy chocolate bunnies recipe for you to make.  It takes so little time and uses only a couple of ingredients.

Perfect way to welcome spring, wouldn’t you say?


chocolate bunny_2


1 1/2 cups of each pink, blue, and yellow Wilton melting chocolates
Pastel sprinkles

You will also need
3 small microwave safe bowls
Silicone bunny baking mold
3 small spoons

1. Microwave your chocolate melts in three separate bowls on 50% power for 4 to 5 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until melted
2. Place a half teaspoon of pastel sprinkles in the bottom of each bunny mold
3. Fill each bunny halfway with your 3 different colored melted chocolates
4. Place your mold in the freezer for 5 minutes or until your chocolate is hardened
5. Once your chocolate is hardened fill your bunny molds the rest of the way with a different color melted chocolate
6. Place in the freezer for another five minutes
7. Now that your chocolates are hardened press on the bottom of the molds and stretch out the sides to pop your bunnies out

chocolate bunny

Aren’t they adorable? The kids could make them with just a little assistance.

What fun things are you planning this spring?