FREE Bible Study Tool App for ChildrenGod saves Daniel from danger in the lion’s den.

David perseveres over Goliath, despite the naysayers.

With God’s grace, Esther made the ultimate sacrifice to set her people free.

These stories have been implanted into the minds of Christian children for decades. In 2013, those same biblical stories – mixed with the latest technology – are accurately re-told through the 4Soils’ Bible Heroes app.

Founded in February 2012, creator Lusi Chien, a graduate student in business, design, and education from Stanford, wanted to create an app that would entertain and educate young children. The groundwork for the app began in 2011 when Chien and her husband were visiting friends and noticed their friend’s toddler playing a game on the iPad for an extensive period of time. The game he was playing was fun, but was mostly mindless if not slightly violent. Based on this observation, Chien was compelled to create an app for the iPhone and iPad that was rich in biblically principles. According to Chien, children spend at least 43 minutes a day on these devices. Furthermore, many children are not engaged in games that are fun, educational, and nonviolent. The Bible Heroes app fills the void.

FREE Bible Study Tools Apps

In addition to the stories of Daniel, David, and Queen Esther, other stories include Joseph and His Multicolor Coat, Noah and the Ark, Jonah and the Giant Fish, and the Christmas story. Each FREE app allows children to learn about these Bible heroes through:


  • Independent and guided reading of the biblically accurate stories of the characters;
  • Interactive games and virtual coloring pages engage and reinforce learning; and
  • Closing lessons which highlight key principles from the Bible
  • Sing-a-long with a song about God’s power from the Child Evangelism Fellowship


The Bible Heroes app also includes a parents’ discussion guide to help moms and dads who want to tailor their Bible study sessions with their children.

Chien’s series of apps have been featured in several secular and Christian media outlets, including The Gospel Herald, the world’s largest online Christian news source for Chinese Christians.

FREE bible study tools

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While several of the apps are FREE to download with additional features unlocked by in-app purchases, a bundle of all seven apps is available. Priced at $9.99, the 7-in-1 bundle includes 143 animated scenes that invite children to read or to listen to biblically accurate accounts of the characters; 41 game levels which engage children in activities and games; and 91 color pages which all children to stretch their artistic imaginations.

The Bible Heroes app is available for download on iPhone and iPad at the AppStore. Learn more about the app by visiting
If you enjoy the Bible Heroes apps, stay tuned for the new series on the Life of Jesus coming the first half of this year!

Bio: Tonya Whitaker is a blog writer for Bible Heroes App. This year, Whitaker enters her 15th year as a journalist. She currently writes features and columns for Inside The Pew, a nonprofit online Christian magazine. Whitaker attends church in Dallas, and resides in Plano. She can be reached at [email protected]

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