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It’ s that time of year again! Independence Day is approaching and red, white, and blue is showing its pride in our country. 

Firework safety tips for keeping safe this Independence Day. A MUST read for all families.

I have to admit, growing up my parents did not allow my sister or I to ever partake in fireworks with our family and friends. It was legal in our town, but still they were totally against it. I just remember sitting watching all of our friends do them and we were denied the fun activity.

Yes, I’m over it. Ok, well maybe not. LOL!

However, I completely understand why my parents didn’t allow us to blow our money on fireworks and appreciate the fact they wanted to keep us safe. I get it now that I am a parent myself.

Fireworks are dangerous especially for children. 

Most parents just allow their kids to take part in the festive activity, but fail to explain the fireworks safety tips.

Since I am a rebel, our family does light our own fireworks but with caution. 

Be sure to check with your local police department to make sure it is legal in your neck of the woods. Many towns have banned independent fireworks. 

Firework Safety Tips

  • Kids should always be supervised. I understand how convenient it is to just let your teenagers blow a few harmless fireworks while you are visiting with your guests. Don’t do it! There are over 50,000 fires per year that are caused by fireworks. 
  • Buy only legal fireworks. All legal ones will have labels on the firecracker itself. Make sure you are purchasing from a licensed store or tent. Please don’t make your own either.
  • Always store fireworks in a cold and dry place. In other words, don’t keep them in your hot car or garage.
  • Always have a bucket of water by your side. Be sure to soak all fireworks in the bucket of water before disposing. It’s also a good idea to have a water hose next to you at all times.
  • Wear goggles. The person who is ignited the fireworks should always wear protective eye wear. It’s a good idea for everyone to wear them, too.
  • Light one at a time. Never put fireworks in a can or container. Never relight a dud.
  • Always shoot fireworks away from objects. Always point away from a home, brush, or a person when lighting off fireworks.
  • Never allow kids to pick up used fireworks. Fireworks have been known to explode after they were ignited, so avoid children from picking up the trash after an event.

I realize some of these firework tips seem like common sense to most, but children need a constant reminder. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

I love to attend local firework shows, too. Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays with BBQ, friends, and of course dessert. Be sure to check out these FUN 4th of July ideas to make your family day festive.

Thanks for pinning these fireworks safety tips to keep other families safe.