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DIY Nativity Puppets

I thought it would be FUN for my little ones to tell the Christmas story to one another, as well as others, so I decided to come up with  simple DIY Nativity Puppets.

And they have had a ball with them.

Supplies Needed:

How it Worked for us:

  • The children counted (10) craft sticks out of the stack
  • My 6 and 9-year-old cut out there figures themselves, but I helped my 3 year-old

Have your child make their own diy nativity puppets


  • They glued the sticks on the back of the puppets
  • They initialed the back of their figures
  • They stored the puppets in a 5×7 manilla envelope for later use

The children can retell the Christmas story to others, such as, nursery home residents, family gatherings and to their friends.

It is a FUN way for our children to spread the gospel with these simple DIY nativity puppets.