Discovering our Amazing God is the first series in the inductive Bible curriculum produced by Deeper Roots Publication and is designed for the 7th grader or can easily be used for older children. My freshman has almost completed the entire study. This is a deep spiritual study for the student that focuses on some of the less familiar stories and events in the Bible. The student will gain an appreciation of the agape love God has for them as individuals.

My son and I engage in Discovering Our Amazing God for about ten time each day.  I utilize the Discovering Our Amazing God Teacher Guides to help me prepare for each lesson.  The teacher’s notes located in the margin are very easy to comprehend and gives you step by step instructions requiring very little prep time for me.

Each of the 9 lessons are designed to take 10 days, however, it is easily adaptable to fit your student’s schedule.  It takes my child 10-15 minutes to complete each lesson individually.  It has instilled a daily Bible reading habit within him.  He looks forward to spending time and learning about our Saviour.

After he completes his independent study, we go over the memory challenge each day before we begin the day’s lesson.  My child needs to come prepared to recite the memory verse/challenge each Friday.  The curriculum suggests you make the memory challenge cumulative throughout the semester.  Fridays are always good days for reviews in our home. The teacher guide gives numerous suggestions for the memory challenge reviews which I found helpful.

In addition, each lesson entails a review and test to reinforce the student’s understanding. We discuss the test and review questions orally. Also, there are several creative cartoons/drawings, and suggested activities that are recommended in the bible curriculum.  My son really finds these cartoons amusing.

My child appreciated the unreached people group profile in the beginning of each lesson.  We talked about the 10-40 Window and God’s Missionary purposes.  We prayed the suggested focus prayer at the beginning of each lesson, too.  He also likes how he can take the Bible lessons and apply it to his everyday life.

In addition to the Discovering Our Amazing God Teacher Guide there is the Student Workbook which includes reflections/journal pages to help students organize and record their new appreciation for our amazing God.  A nice journal for the older student, my older son records his thoughts in the student guide with the additional writing assignments.

One of the ways this bible curriculum is unique is that it moves the students from biblical knowledge to spiritual application.  Also, we enjoyed the in-depth discussion that the questions inspired between parent and child.

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