Easter is right around the corner. I love having my students do a fun craft and writing activity on Fridays. My students are going to create this Easter bunny paper plate craft and pick one of the Easter writing prompts that I created for my third-grade class.
I love finding easy crafts that use supplies that I have stored in my supply cabinet at school or simple household items that are kept in my pantry.

How to Make an Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft


Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft Supplies

1. Take your pipe cleaners and twist them together in the middle to create bunny whiskers.
2. Grab your pink pom and glue it to the center of the pipe cleaners. Then glue the pin/pipe cleaners combo onto your white paper plate to create a bunny nose. 
3. Glue on those googly eyes.
4. Once dry, trim your bunny whiskers so they are nice and even.

5. Next, take your white and pink pieces of paper and create two bunny ears.
6. Glue your ears onto your paper plate to create your Easter Bunny!!!
This easy Easter bunny paper plate craft is fun for all ages. For younger students, you could read a fun engaging book about bunnies or Easter to add to this easy craft. For older student’s, you could add an Easter writing prompt like this cute one below.
Grab these cute Easter writing prompts. Be sure to check out the fun craft that goes along with these free writing prompts.

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I hope your students have fun with this Easter bunny paper plate craft. Thank you for sharing this Easter bunny paper plate craft with others to enjoy.