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Digital photography has been both a blessing and a curse for this busy mom. I love the fact that I can take a gazillion pictures at any given moment to capture an image worth remembering, but I ran into a major downfall with the digital photography rage.

I am so excited that I can now simply restore my photos my phone to another device. It's the absolute awesome Christmas present for any busy mom. I give PictureKeepers a thumbs up. Win one today!

And, I have talked to many other moms who have encountered the same dilemma that I did and don’t have all those wonderful memories of their children like they anticipated when they first became parents.

Even though I am taking all these amazing photos, I’m failing to save them and store them properly on my Mac or hard drive. So, in essence, I’m failing to create keepsakes for my family. I’m not creating photo books like I used to before digital photography took over because I simply don’t have the photos readily available.

It’s been a thorn in my side for years now. 

It saddens me that I don’t actually have all the pictures of my younger children like I do of my older three sons.


A couple of months ago, PictureKeeper Connect came to my rescue. Being a mom of six and a professional blogger, I tend to take many photos, and I find it very time-consuming to email all my pictures to myself from my phone to my Mac. In all honestly, I tend to save only the photos that I need spontaneously. 

Needless to say, I’m not techy at all.


Now, with the PictureKeeper Connect, I can easily backup and restore all my mobile photos, videos, and contacts. I simply connected the drive into my mobile device (works with iPhone and Android), plugged the connect drive into the provided USB port, and inserted the other end of the cable into my Micro USB port.

Next, I downloaded the free app on my mobile device. I was prompted to create an account within the app. It was quick and simple.

I clicked “Start Backup”, and within minutes I had all my photos ready to restore on my computer and my iPad.


It was so easy! 

I am able to organize my pictures into folders in the same type file structure as I do on my computer. I am also able to share photos with family and friends with ease by email or Facebook.

The PictureKeeper Connect comes with different storage options. I chose the 16gb and still have plenty of storage. 

The PictureKeeper Connect would really make the best gift for anybody who takes a lot of photos. I wish someone would have bought it for me and stuck it in my stocking years ago. It’s a gift that will literally last a lifetime filled with countless memories.

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