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How can a parent/teacher decide which language arts program (or math, or history, etc) to choose? Too often what looked good at the convention or online winds up sitting unused on your bookshelf because it was too hard to teach, or your children hated it.

Once you have decided that a program might work for your family, the next question is “How much time will it take to teach?” If you are teaching a single grade, the time question might not be as important, but if you are teaching multiple grades, time becomes a huge consideration. There is no way you have the time or energy to teach several different math, history, and science courses, not to mention, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading, etc.

So why choose Learning Language Arts Through Literature? LLATL is an integrated approach to teaching that allows you to cover spelling, grammar, vocabulary, writing mechanics, reading comprehension, and creative writing all in the same lesson. Because time is not wasted on doing busywork, most lessons can easily be completed in less than an hour, and much of the time the work will be self-directed. As an extra bonus, the teacher/student books are competitively priced. Other language arts programs typically cost two or three times the amount of LLATL.

While being able to complete your daily language arts curriculum in less than an hour a day may seem like “too easy” a program, you can be assured that on those days when “life happens,” you have covered all that your child needs in language arts. Because the lessons are shorter and the program is budget-friendly, you have the flexibility to individualize the curriculum to your child’s needs. For example, if your child needs more writing practice, you have the time and resources to add a supplement.

Most importantly, Learning Language Arts Through Literature is a literature-based program. After finishing the entire curriculum your child will have been introduced to hundreds of classic literary works. Encouraging your children’s love of reading is the best investment you can make in their education and their future. Reading, not busywork, is the most natural way to strengthen language arts skills, and through Learning Language Arts Through Literature your child will find delight in reading and learning.

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