all the presidents of the us

FUN way to learn about all the presidents of the US!

For the next two weeks, we will be talking about the presidents.  The children will be required to research one president each day and complete a notebook page.

On the last Friday, they will be able to pick a president of their choice and utilize the blank notebook page.  I found these FREE  president coloring pages for the little ones.

We will have show and tell at dinner each evening.

We also will be singing to this FUN cd!


What are your favorite style of notebooking pages?

  • Colored or black and white?
  • themed?
  • blank?
  • line size?

Please let me know what your notebook page preferences that you would like to see for FREE on Blessed Beyond a Doubt!

Have you pinned these FREE notebook pages to help your kiddos learn all the presidents of the US yet?