blessed beyond a doubt affiliate disclosure2It’s December, again, and time for the celebration of the birth of the baby Jesus!

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for more Advent coloring pages for my children to use during the Christmas season.

At the beginning of Advent, there are many Advent activities for your children to enjoy, and I have found that Advent-themed coloring pages are the perfect activity for kids! Free, easy-to-print coloring pages are available here for your little angels.

We like to keep our focus on Jesus as much as possible since we are of the Christain faith, and my kids love to sit around the table with coloring pages for hours!  Not only that, but my little ones like to cut every coloring page apart and make paper dolls of the different characters, such as Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, and the shepherds.  And when we aren’t making crafts– we are cutting and pasting the coloring pages into our notebooking projects for the Christmas season. I’ve created this 14-page AdventColoringBook just for you and your precious children.  I hope you enjoy it during this holiday season!

Advent Coloring Pages

Since we can never have too many Advent coloring books around here, I thought maybe some of your kids are the same way. So I found quite a few other free printable Advent coloring pages for your family to download. On Christmas Day, you can sit around the Christmas tree and share the wonderful work that your children created for everyone to enjoy.Advent Coloring Pages

Also, my children look forward to playing with their nativity set each year. I only take it out during the Advent season. It will warm your heart when you hear your kids retelling the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus Christ during their play.