I love to have story time with my ds3 and ds5 after lunch.  I like to read them a story book and then some sort of rhyme, poetry, or prayer etc, book.  A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this little gem on my very own bookshelf.  Nursery Rhymes that have a christian twist to them.  The boys love it!  We sing the nursery rhymes to their tunes, too.  These are so easy for them to memorize.  I have no clue when or where I bought this (you would understand if you knew how many books we own), but the price tag says 1.00 on it.  What a total blessing.  
Here is an example of one my boys favorite…..
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
 Humpty Dumpty shouted, “Amen!
 God can put me together again.”
Each day I read several pages and reread several of their favorites.  It’s a true joy to hear them sing. And not to mention the sweet cuddling time we encounter each afternoon.   What precious memories.
Do you have a favorite read a loud that you and your children admire?  I would love to hear what works for you.
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