Call it whatever you wish, bribery, disciplining or parenting.  Whatever suits your fancy, but it works wonders for me.

Oh yes, I am taking credit for this one…..

I have a “deal” with the 3 younger ones….

If their room is “mommy” cleaned before supper, they each get a Popsicle to enjoy on the front porch after supper.

However, there are few stipulations…

*  I will remind them only once about 30 minutes before serving time
*  There will be no fighting, yelling, choking, spitting, or whining during clean up
*  Everyone must do their share
* The oldest  sibling will inspect their bedroom before supper begins (He’s the neatest of  the bunch) and just sometimes I don’t have to be the mean one around here
VIOLA…….Their room is always clean, organized, and perfect before supper!

Can I hear an AMEN or two!

What bribery compromise works for you and your children?

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