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Being a mother of 6 children and residing on a single income in a double income world, I need to be frugal.  Not to mention feeding 5 of those mouths are hungry boys.

I make this chicken salad several times during the month.  In fact,  I have brought chicken salad sandwiches for pot lucks with this secret recipe.  It’s always a hit!

How to Make Poor Man’s Chicken Salad

  • 1 can of chicken (you can use a whole chicken and shred it)
  • 1 c of Mayonnaise or more or less to your liking (I use the kind with Olive Oil)
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • dill pickles cut into chunks and reserve some pickle juice
  • 1 sleeve of crushed saltines….Shhhhh!

Mix all the ingredients together and add a some pickle juice to spice it up. Sprinkle some paprika to make it look fancy if you must. Refrigerate but not necessary if you are eating it immediately.  I just prefer it cold.


I have yet have had someone question the saltines.  It’s the secret ingredient!

We usually eat this on Wednesday nights with fresh fruit and veggies or this easy brocooli salad because we participate in  AWANA’s.  I always make ahead at time at lunch.  Makes great left overs, too!

FYI ~ I have used this recipe with tuna but used unsalted saltines.  Taste wonderful!

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Do you have any secret ingredients in your chicken salad to share?

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