The gift of giving Christmas Traditions

Part of our Christmas traditions are teaching our children that Christmas is about giving not receiving.

My sweet friend, Amy, suggested this idea many years ago and we have adopted this event as one of our FUN Christmas traditions ever since.

Each one of our children gets to pick their own gift out for our family at the Dollar Store.  These only include members outside our immediate family like grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

They are required to wrap their own gifts. I usually supply them with bags and tissue paper or they have been known to design their own creative wrapping paper.

They are so very creative when picking out their gifts. They are always are so personal which truly makes me smile. They each put so much thought into each gift. One year, one of my sons bought my brother in law a dish scrubbie because he thought he needed to help my sister with the dishes more often.  lol!  Another child purchased my mom a little frying pan because he thinks she makes the best scrambled eggs.  And there have been many more funny ones including Draino, too.

I am not sure who gets more enjoyment….They all look so serious with their own shopping carts picking out their gifts at the store.  Seriously, it is one of the highlights of the season each year. We all can’t wait to see who will get what and the reason behind it is always priceless.

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What Christmas Traditions keep you smiling during the busy holidays?