blessed beyond a doubt affiliate disclosure2Teaching our children hospitality is something that just doesn’t come natural. We have to make an effort!

How to teach our kids hospitality with this FREE printable!

I remember growing up my mother instilled these same principles and tips into my little mind every time we had a guest visit. Over time it becomes a habit that will be a blessing to others for a lifetime.

11 Tips on Teaching Children Hospitality

  1. Always offer to take coats/and belongings
  2. Always offer guest a drink or snack
  3. Always let guest go first
  4. Always direct guest to the seating or play area
  5. Always let the guest choose the activities
  6. Always be attentive to guest needs
  7. Always share, share, and share more
  8. Always clear table for guests after a meal
  9. Always assist guest with gathering their belongings when it’s departure time
  10. Always thank the guest for coming and ask them to come again
  11. Always walk guest to the door when leaving

FREE Printable to help teach hospitality to your kids. We place it on our refrigerator

I created this FREE simple Hospitality printable to place on our refrigerator. We take about 5 minutes to review the principles before our guests arrive. There is no better way than to put these habits to work than inviting a few friends over. So get busy and teach your kiddos the art of hospitality.

Another resource that I can’t say enough positive things about is this little pink book. It’s truly a gem filled with 365 short lessons on manners. We just read and discuss the etiquette during meal times. It takes less than 5 minutes per day. My children have a lot fun when we review We Choose Virtues each morning. 


Thanks for sharing this Teaching Children Hospitality Printable with others. We all can make a difference in today’s society. We can prepare our children for the future one day at a time.