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A MUST read before you purchase silk 'n flash & Go!
I have to admit shaving my legs and armpits isn’t really a task I look forward to each day I hop in the shower. I guess I should rephrase that to each day I find the time to get in the shower. Working full-time from home and homeschooling takes priority over my daily showers, but I do seem to get a hot shower more often now than when I had toddlers.

Now that I can manage to get in the shower at least every other day, I feel like I’m on top of the world. However, my legs disagree with me. I rarely shave my legs in the winter and probably only shave once a week in the summer.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to receive my Silk’N Flash & Go in the mail. I wanted to get started immediately. I briefly read over the directions before I jumped in the shower and shaved my legs one evening. 


Note to self, read all directions before trying any sort of electronic device especially when you are dealing with your body parts.

I did read the jist of the instructions, but not entirely. I literally screamed and pee in my pants after the first pulse. My whole family came running into the bedroom to see what the fuss was about. My younger boys thought it was the coolest gun that they have ever seen. They each want one for Christmas. I seriously have to hide it from them because it’s so cool looking.

No, it didn’t hurt at all, but it I didn’t expect the pulse and light reaction. Once I gained my composure, I started the treatment again. It was virtually painless, but time-consuming for me. It took about 25 minutes to treat both legs. 

The Flash & Go device is best used for lighter skins and not recommended for dark skin tones. It requires a series of treatments before you see any results. Initially you start on the lowest pulse setting and increase with each treatment. I didn’t find the pulse painful even on the highest settings.

I have completed 4 treatments and I can say, I can totally see a decrease in my hair growth. I purposely only treated my right leg, so I could give you an honest opinion. I probably can honestly say, there is probably a 75% less hair growth than on my untreated left leg. The hair is more fine and you can barely see or feel it. I even asked my son to feel and he grossly agreed with me that my right leg was more suitable for the summer weather. 

So in a nutshell, yes Silk’N Flash & Go does really work, but do not expect immediately results. You will not notice a decrease in hair growth until two months. It’s much cheaper than having laser treatment done, but this process is to time-consuming for me. If laser treatment is on your wish list, I recommend you try the easy to use Silk’N Flash & Go.

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Who do you think Silk’N Flash Go would make a great present for? And you can say yourself because we all like presents.