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Reformation Ideas and Activities

So knowing a little bit of my background, you can understand why Reformation Day is HUGE to me.  I became a Christian 16 years ago and it was not until that season, I started reading and studying His Holy Word.  I am a sinner saved by His grace alone.

Martin Luther preached that the Bible taught that forgiveness is a gift from God.  Eternal life is a matter of faith, not what we say and do, and decisions about it belong to God, not the church. Luther believed that selling tickets to get into heaven was the church being selfish with greed and taking advantage of God’s chosen ones.  He stressed the church was making a terrible mistake.

Here are several Reformation Sites and Ideas. 

Doorposts has an incredible resource to help you celebrate Reformation Day. We usually spend the afternoon watching the movie, Luther while the little ones nap. I highly suggest you preview this movie before allowing your children to watch it.  There are gruesome scenes that might frightened little ones.

This year we will start our Reformation Study on Monday and dig a little deeper each day through Friday.  This year we will be participating in our church’s Fall Fest.

Have you ever celebrated Reformation Day with your children?