Minecraft Multiplication Flashcards FREE Printables!

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My nine year old needs a little extra practice with his multiplication tables, so I decided to make some cute Minecraft multiplication flashcards free printables that would excite him.


Needless to say, he adores these FREE Minecraft multiplication flashcards. We love to play beat the clock everyday.

You can simply print, laminate, and cut these printable flashcards and surprise your Minecraft addict.

The Minecraft multiplication flashcards go up to multiples of 12.

Feel free to make them smile with these Minecraft Lunchbox notes and addition worksheets.

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Thanks for sharing these Minecraft multiplication Flashcards free Printables! 


  1. I printed these for my older two kids. They have been struggling to memorize their multiplication tables. While I was cutting and laminating I was thinking of what a blessing it is to have parents out there like you that share items like this. I hope I can reciprocate one day, but in the meantime thank from the bottom of my heart!!!

    • You are so very welcome. It’s my pleasure. I’m a single mom, so I know how important it is to share resources with each others. It’s truly a blessing for everyone.

  2. Thank you so much! I hope these will help my son.

  3. Thank you Jill. I’m a grandmother, in South Africa. I am home schooling my grandson. Due to the unemployment problems, my grandson had to leave school. It is such a blessing to have people like you on the internet, God Bless you. PS. education has no age limit. Lol at sixty I’m learning again tooooo.

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