Keeping Your Family Room G-Rated!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of World News Group. All opinions are 100% my very own.

Stimulating your child’s love for learning and enhancing their faith with print and digital products that are engaging, enlightening, and safe can be a difficult task.

Of course, we all want learning to be in line with our Christian morals, but the truth of it all is most magazines and websites are not glorifying to God or from a Christian standpoint. 

It’s a struggle for most Christian parents.

Check out the reading material we have on our coffee table. It's safe and engaging for all ages.

World News Groups offers three different memberships, each of which include colorful magazines and digital content to connect your children or students with God in the ways they love the most by reading together, viewing a smart phone, or tapping away on a computer.

The children and I are all enjoying each of the three World News Group magazines and digital content with the wide age range of children in our home. We have a yearly membership for all three membership levels that include the magazine and access to the digital content.

  • God’s Big World is geared towards 3-6 year olds. It includes 8 weekly pull-out lessons.
  • WorldKids is best suited for 2nd-5th grader. It teaches elementary students to expand their horizons with topics that correspond with their school lessons.
  • World Teen compliments the 6th-9th grader. It helps teens develop a biblical grid to wisely filter endless information from science to technology and friendships to culture including movies, music, and books.

World Mag 1

Although each magazine is generally geared toward a certain age bracket, all of the memberships are truly engaging for all of our family members. I have even picked up the magazine myself and read an interesting article out of an issue of WorldKids about the mystery of Amelia Earhart. There are short quizzes at the end of each article, too. Yes, a homeschooling mama’s cup of tea.

How World News Group Memberships Work

  • You will receive a new magazine of the selected title you chose every other month during the school year.
  • You will receive access to the digital content that includes fascinating concepts and stories to enhance the magazine content lessons. The websites are updated weekly. 
  • You will receive a weekly email giving you heads up on the highlighted upcoming topics to help you prepare and familiarize yourself with the lessons.

How World News Groups Membership Works For Us

Being a single, working mom to multiple children doesn’t give me nearly as much time to screen my children’s reading material as I would prefer. It’s just a fact for me. Time is scarce.

I simply feel at ease knowing that I can put these magazines on my coffee table and my children look forward to reading the magazines to one another or independently. I don’t have to worry about evolution or any other inappropriate topics or photos that most magazines entail these days. 

World Mag 2

My children actually enjoy reading all three memebership levels of the World News Group Magazine and digital content because they are so engaging and interesting with bold and colorful images. 

Do I always make my kids take the quizzes?

Absolutely not! They automatically retain the material because they find the concepts fascinating to the young mind. And because they read them over and over again.

We simply utilize these God-honoring magazines and digital content for pure enjoyment while helping us grow closer to our Creator.

But the sky is the limit with a World News Group membership. You can plug it right into your homeschool schedule or use it as entertainment for your family. It’s very flexible.

Check out the World News Group Membership today. Your family will be blessed.

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