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Keeping your pet safe on Thanksgiving Day can quickly turn into a stressful situation, especially if you have a house full of family and friends. Your furry little friends can have a tendency to get a bit anxious due to the large crowd and excessive noise.


Many times in the past while busy in the kitchen preparing our Thanksgiving feast, I had a tendency to not take the proper measure to assure pet safety.  I prepare most of my Thanksgiving cooking ahead of time, which cuts down on the super busyness of the day, but it’s just the excitement of the day that makes me forget the precautions we need to diligently take to make our dog comfortable and safe during the busy holiday. 

This year, I am planning on discussing these tips with my children at least one week prior to Thanksgiving Day, so we all can feel confident that our dog will feel less stressed and our family and friends will feel welcomed. After all, we adore our pet and we are so thankful he is a part of our family. 


9 Tips on Keeping Your Pet Safe on Thanksgiving Day

  1. Avoid Holiday Plants. There are several plants that are poisonous to animals such as Poinsettias, an ivy, lilies, mistletoe, and holly berries. So, make sure these plants do not pose a danger to your pet by keeping them out of their reach.
  2. Provide an Escape. Provide a crate or designate a room for your pet to retreat into for comfort if he or she becomes aggravated. Many pets are not familiar with being around  large, noisy crowds. Your pet may simply want to just rest.
  3. Keep Treats and Toys Accessible. Some pets just need a treat or their favorite toys to put them at ease. Make sure you have plenty of both in a convenient location if needed. Your pet will thank you.
  4. Supervise Children. Always, always supervise children, and never leave children unattended with a pet. Some dogs have never been exposed to children and might tend to be snappy. 
  5. Exercise Pet. Take your pet for a long walk before your guests arrive to wear them out. They will have a tendency to be less hyper and rowdy if they are exhausted. I leave this chore to my children while the others are coloring the Thanksgiving name tags.
  6. Avoid Pie and Desserts. Make sure you politely warn your guests that all table scraps are off limit to your pet during their visit. Chocolate and sugar can highly upset your pet’s tummy and can even become deadly. The artificial sweetener called xylitol used in gum and sugar-free baked goods can also be deadly if consumed by dogs or cats.
  7. Avoid Raw Yeast Bread Dough. If a pet digests raw yeast dough they can obtain painful gas and bloating. Ouch!
  8. Take Garbage Out. Turkey bones can easily splinter when chewed on; bones can get into your pet’s esophagus or intestinal track causing death to your pet. Also, rancid food is full of bacteria, so be sure to take out the garbage before the night is over to avoid any health issues with your pet. 
  9. Check Collars and Tags. Be sure that your pet has up-to-date tags and a secure collar in case your furry friend bolts out of the door unexpectedly. This happens almost every year at our home with so many people coming in and out. 

Keeping your pet safe during the Thanksgiving holiday can be a challenge, but with just a bit of preparation and thought ahead of time, you can avoid many of the pitfalls.  So, talk to your family and friends about pet safety and then enjoy your memorable visit.

What safety precautions do you take to keeping your pet safe during the Thanksgiving holiday?