PhotobucketI have never heard of Zane Education before I was selected to participate in a homeschool product review of their on-line services.

I was intrigued with Zane Education  philosophy on education that strives on providing a visual learning experience for the homeschool student.

Way back in the day when I was being educated at the public school, we watched a gazillion filmstrips.  Do you remember those?  It was before VCR’s were popular.  You don’t have to admit it!  LOL!

Zane Education takes me back in those days.

Zane Education provides videos, quizzes, and study centers for various subjects as listed below:

Zane Education is dedicated to providing you and your student the most quality service available by providing numerous user guides to fit your individual family needs.  I recommended you visit these user guides before making a decision on subscribing to Zane Education.   It will also help you get the most out of their services.

Due to summer, our family is not studying anything in particular, so I gave my son the authority to pick which subjects and topics to view due to his interest.  He is choose an array of different subjects and by far his favorite was the Texas History lessons.  He didn’t excel at taking the quizzes because he felt that the quizzes covered other videos in that series as well.  He recommends watching the videos in order per topic instead of randomly picking one of interest.

My 14 year old son, enjoyed the videos and found them all quite interesting.  However, my 11 year old son lost interest during a few of the history videos due to the recommended grade level of the video.  It was a bit beyond his comprehension level.

I believe Zane Education would be a great asset to the homeschool family when the homeschool educator is taking time off for various reasons.  I like the quizzes and how there is an explanation of what the correct answer should be if the student fails to answer the question correctly.  After the student views the video again, they are free to take another quiz.   I also appreciate the lesson plans that the parents can download to expand on the subject with their student.  This is important to keep the parent/student relationship.

Due to my Christian convictions, I would never purchase a membership to Zane Education because they support evolution.  We will continue with our studies and supplement with the Zane Education videos that support our Christian belief system until our gold membership expires.  We will not be utilizing the Science videos.PhotobucketYour children can experience a visual education for just $8.99 a month.  You can register for a basic FREE membership.


Zane Education was a fun homeschool product review for our family.

I received a one year gold membership to Zane Education in return for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was given.