Encouraging and FUN Way to Teach Sight Words!

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 Playing games is part of our homeschool day!  I was excited to introduce our FUN homeschool product review, The Reading Game, to my 5 and 7 year olds! And I can’t think of a better way to learn sight words than playing The Reading Game! Each afternoon after lunch my 5 year old and I play several games of the hands-on, fast paced game,The Reading Game, on my bed right before quiet time. He has not learned all his sounds yet, so it is a bit challenging for him.  He takes every opportunity to smoke me each game.  I require him to read each match before moving on. My 7 year old played the game with the entire 6 decks.  It was a great review for him.  Often he plays with his little brother and acts as his tutor.  It’s FUN for everyone. The Reading Game consists of 6 deck of cards and 6 storybooks. Each of The Reading Game’s six stories is told using just 30 new words.  These are broken down into six sets of five words.  The student learns to read each set of five words by playing a simple word matching game. Frequent exposure through play instills these words into long-term memory. After completing the first deck of cards, the child will be able to read the first book out of the set.  This is fantastic encouragement for the beginner reader. The Reading Game is a great addition to any phonics program and can be used later for review.  This would be very beneficial to the struggle reader or a child with special needs since you can move at your child’s own pace.

The Reading Game was awarded the Tillywig Brain Child of the Year Award for 2012, and given the Homeschool.com Seal of Approval.  It will also be featured on the morning talk show, The Balancing Act, along with the President of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, in a segment on developing literacy through game play.  The show airs every morning on Lifetime TV, and this segment will be aired this October.



  1. I’d love to win this for my son! We just started a Kindergarten curriculum with him and he knows all of the letter sounds, but we haven’t started working on blending the sounds together yet. This sounds like so much fun!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    5 kids!

  3. Heather Bowen says:

    This is great! I wish we would have had this when my children were learning their sounds.

    Thanks for linking up to What Works Wednesday!

  4. Christina@tishowthemjesus.com says:

    Sounds like a fun game and a great way to practice reading. My kids love games! It’s amazing how much a child learns through games.

  5. Looks like fun!

  6. I have 3 kids!

  7. I have 2 kids who would love to play with this.

  8. I have 2 and another on the way.

  9. onemotherslove says:

    Four! And this game looks like so much fun!!

  10. Crystal J. says:

    I have 3 children ages 3, 2 and 7 months and another on the way!

  11. Tracey M. says:

    I have one child, Alyssa, age 4 1/2. We LOVE family game night and this would be a great choice for us.

  12. Jenny Stanek says:

    I have 3 kids!

  13. I have 2 kids, also work at an elementary school and hope to have another child on the way any time now.

  14. This looks like a fun way to reinforce those very necessary sight words!

  15. I have one DD, age 7.

  16. Amy Johnson says:

    Fantastic! I would love to use this with my 5 year old starting (homeschool) kindergarten this fall!

  17. Jamie Martin says:

    I have 2 beautiful baby girls!

  18. Jessy Gaffen says:

    3! My youngest is a struggling reader who could learn from another hands-on, fun resource!

  19. none, looking at this for one of my many great neices and nephews ( have a total of 8)

  20. CJ – 13, Jace 10 and Sweet Gigi is 5.

  21. I have 2 children ages 4 and 12. This is my first time homeschooling for pre-k so I could definitely use any cool tools that will allow me to keep my son engaged. Thanks for the great giveaway Jill.

  22. I have 3!

  23. Thanks for this. I have 2 girls ages 7 and 2.

  24. I have 2 kids – age 6 & 3

  25. I have 3 kids but only one who would benefit from this game. She is 6 and the other 2 are 17.5. My six yr. old reads well but hates to just read aloud. This game would make it exciting to start our reading time each day.

  26. Thanks for offering the giveaway! I have 3 kids, 3, 4 & 5, who could learn from this!

  27. I have a DD with Down Syndrome starting home school Kinder next year and this would be SO wonderful for her!

  28. I have two kiddos!

  29. 3 and one on the way 🙂

  30. Katherine Y says:

    Looks great!

  31. No kiddos, yet! We’ve been TTC for almost 5 yrs now. But, we have several nieces and nephews that would really benefit from this giveaway!!

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