With school closures, everyone is in need of free homeschool resources.  You have hit the jackpot with this list of the top 10 spelling websites on the Internet. 

Pick and choose what works best for your children.


My all-time favorite spelling program is All About Spelling younger children. This program is not FREE, but you can certainly benefit from using their FREE Spelling downloads when you sign up for their newsletter.  It’s definitely worth it and you can unsubscribe at any time.

However, if money is tight, don’t let that ever stop you from training your children at home.

Here are 10 FREE Spelling Websites:

 Spell By Color – this program uses color-coding to reinforce spelling rules

K12 Reader – for grades 1-5, uses the common words

FREE Homeschool Spelling Course – for grades 6-8, includes the Spelling Rules, Lessons, Exercises, Dictation Exercises

Garden of Praise –  for lower elementary, biblical based

Cozy Grammar – a 36-week free spelling curriculum

AAA Spell – for grades 1-8 and you can create your own lists, too.

Spelling City – 55 weeks worth of lessons.  You can let your children practice online or print out the lists.

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  • Kids Spell has over 6000 words to practice with fun games for all levels.
  • TlSBooks.com has spelling lists and worksheets for each week.  Over 200 lists to print.
  • Home Spelling Words – for grades K-8,  this program provides an interesting mix of verbal and visual teaching that will help your child improve his or her spelling test scores. This program is fun and free! There are also separate areas for practicing and testing. When your child is ready to take the spelling test, their scores will be saved for your review.

Practice your spelling words with these simple printables. They work wonders for my kiddos.

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If I missed any FREE Spelling websites, please leave the link in the comment section.  

Thank you for pinning the TOP 10 Free Spelling programs for others to take advantage of.