When my brother was in the 3rd or 4th grade, they were given the task of “inventing” some new. He always had great ideas and built new things with his Lego’s, but he was perplexed at what to create for this particular project. My mother encouraged him to think of something he didn’t like doing and figure out how to make it easier or better. So after much trial and error, he came up with a spinning toilet bowl brush. I thought it was rather ingenious myself. Who knew that just a few years later a company would actually produce such a product?!

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May is National Inventors Month, which used to be held in August. This month is set aside to recognize the creativity of inventors – both past and present – and encouraging everyone to get innovative! So in an effort to get my kids more interested in some of the famous inventors of our time, I decided to create some fun homeschool Inventors Notebooking pages for you all.

If you’ve never used notebooking pages, I highly encourage you to start. They are a great way to get kids involved in their research. They are also a great pre-cursor to their own research papers, which will come in just a few short years.

Included in this 54-page pack you will find a variety of notebooking pages in several handwriting styles – large manuscript dashed lines for young writers, regular manuscript dashed lines and plain lines. There are also a variety of layouts to fit any need and makes it easy to mix and match as they do their research. 

Inventors Notebooking Pages Pack_FINAL-page-003   Inventors Notebooking Pages Pack_FINAL-page-007  Inventors Notebooking Pages Pack_FINAL-page-014

Several of the notebooking pages have space to draw a picture of the invention or the inventor, which I find very helpful as we notebook through a topic.

 Inventors Notebooking Pages Pack_FINAL-page-021  Inventors Notebooking Pages Pack_FINAL-page-031    Inventors Notebooking Pages Pack_FINAL-page-056

I also created pages in each handwriting style for each of the 12 inventors included in this set. The inventors included are:

  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Eli Whitney
  • George Washington Carver
  • Henry Ford
  • Johannes Gutenburg
  • Samuel Morse
  • Steve Jobs
  • Thomas Edison
  • Tim Berners Lee
  • Willem J Kolff
  • Wright Brothers

And if you’re looking for creative ways to celebrate National Inventors Month, here are some great ideas with downloadable instructions from Education.com.

To download this set, simply click the link below.


Thanks for pinning these FUN inventor notebook pages for others to enjoy!