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Wow! I had to grab these FUN Frog resources and notebook pages for my children. I used to adore frogs as a child, so I just couldn’t resist. Aren’t they adorable?


This resource unit contains everything you will need to complete a unit about frogs. This file has all the printable pages that go along with the resources I’ve gathered and added to my blog (link included in the download).

When creating this unit I had homeschooling families in mind. With that said, there are pages included in this file for older and younger students. Some of the resources I’ve included have a website for older students and one for younger students. There are also pages with primary-lined pages and with basic-lined pages.

At the end of this file are large mini-books and life-cycle charts that can be used during your study.

This study includes:

– Vocabulary
– What is a Frog?
– What Makes an Amphiabian?
– Frog Life Cycle
– Frog Classification
– Frog Study Pages
– Mini-books that can be added to the study pages or used independently
– Parts of a Frog
– Frog Skin
– Frog Feet
– Frog Eyes and Ears
– Frogs and Toads – What’s the difference?
– What do frogs eat? What eats frogs?
– Frog Defenses
– Poisonous Dart Frog Study Pages
– Frog Hibernation
– Frog Observations
– Frog Facts
– Additional Pages for further study