My boys are fascinated with dinosaurs! I know as a Christian homeschool parent it is difficult to find science links for your children from a Christian perspective. Creation Answers only provides information from a Creation view.   This site offers a wealth of information.  I am truly thrilled to allow my children to spend hours engaging in God’s Creation. The wide range of lesson plans are as followed:

  • Abraham
  • Adam
  • Animals
  • Babel
  • Bible
  • Cain & Abel
  • Christmas
  • Chronological Bible storytelling
  • Creation
  • Creatures
  • Dating
  • Design in Nature
  • Dinosaurs
  • Easter
  • Fall to sin
  • Flood
  • Garden of Eden
  • God & You
  • Jesus Christ
  • Moses
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Plants
  • Relationships
  • Salvation
  • Ten Commandments

The lesson plan includes hand outs, quizzes and coloring pages for the little ones, too.

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