Since I teach as a group with various ages in our home, we are studying American History I next year.  This FREE American History curriculum looks so informative and fun.  It entails a literature approach to history with real living books and is written from a Christian perspective. This curriculum is geared towards grades 2-6, but can be easily adapted to any ages.  It would be totally doable to assign your high schooler additional work, too.

On the website she includes a detailed suggested book list, but she stresses you can supplement with whatever you have at home or your what is available at your library.  I also like how there are suggested videos, Draw Write Now, and History Pockets books to enhance the program, but not necessary.  It can be used a full history curriculum or as a supplemental program.  Do what works for you.

To take a look at this FREE American history curriculum, head on over to Guest Hollow.

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