One of the ways in which my family keeps Christ in Christmas is to have a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas day. Little children can easily relate to a birthday party. In my house, my children often count the days before their birthday party. Likewise, we have an advent calendar to help count the days before Jesus’s birthday.

If you have been to my blog, though, you know that I teach reading. Instead of counting down the days to Jesus’s birthday using a traditional advent calendar, we cross off letters to the words “Happy Birthday Jesus.”

Advent Calendar: Happy Birthday Jesus There are 18 letters in the words ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’, so, you could start the calendar on December 7th and do one activity a day to count the days until Christmas. OR, you could just anticipate doing 18 activities in the weeks before Christmas and each time you do an activity, you color in a letter.

Regardless, for each letter in Happy Birthday Jesus, I have a reflection and activity for the children.

Here are the lessons that we teach:

H is for Holy.

A is for Angel.

P is for present.

P is for prayer.

Y is for you.

B is for baby.

I is for inspiring.

R is for reverent.

T is for trustworthy.

H is for helpful.

D is for door to heaven.

A is for amazing.

Y is for yearning.

J is for joyful.

E is for everywhere.

S is for service.

U is for unchanging.

S is for sweet.

Advent Calendar: Happy Birthday JesusAdvent Calendar: Happy Birthday JesusSlide1


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Bless your family with other creative tips for Keeping Christ in Chritmas.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday party for Jesus. Merry Christmas.

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