How to Have a Lovely Valentine’s Day When You’re Both Busy!

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a time when couples spend the whole day together in romantic bliss. Which can make it difficult to celebrate if you and your partner are both busy with work or other activities! But don’t worry, if you’re creative you can still Have a Lovely Valentine’s Day When You’re Both Busy! How to Have a Lovely Valentine’s Day When You’re Both Busy 1. Celebrate Early or Late in the Day If you want to have {Read More}

7 Things to Expect During a Divorce

Life changes. And it’s not always the way we would have chosen. Sometimes we must make difficult choices that affect little minds. Oh, how hard it is to do, my friend. It sucks! I’m not going to sugar coat it. Six children’s lives and mine were forever changed when I filed for divorce last November. It was the hardest decision I have had to make. In fact, I didn’t want to make that decision. I pleaded with God for a {Read More}

Intentional Summer 2015 and FREE Family Printable

  Have you made summer plans yet? This summer I am determined to make an Intentional Summer for our whole family.  Of course, I want us to have a few FUN and lazy days, but I also desire for us not to waste our summer doing nothing. This summer our entire family will each pick (3) goals we want to accomplish in a 12 week period. A Spiritual Goal An Educational Goal A Personal Goal   I have created these FREE family {Read More}

FREE Date Night Fun Printable Pack

Do your date nights always look the same?  So often dinner and a movie just aren’t as exciting as they used to be. What if you could plan ahead, and breathe some life back into your relationship and really connect with your spouse again? Spice up your date nights with this FREE Date Night Fun Printable pack from The Road to 31.  The following is included: What will you receive? A Guided Date Planner Baby Sitter Notes “Save the Date” Invitations Love {Read More}

The Forgotten Hero

 The cold comes through the windows and the silence of the morning is broken as his alarm goes off.  He fights the urge to stay in bed just a few minutes longer and manages to leave the warmth of the bed.  It’s dark outside and his wife and children are still asleep so he quietly heads into the bathroom to get ready for his day. On is way into work, it’s raining and the traffic is backed up to the {Read More}