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Have you made summer plans yet?

Make this summer the best summer ever! Have each of your family members make three goals. Use these printables to help keep track of summer goals. We do this every summer.

This summer I am determined to make an Intentional Summer for our whole family.  Of course, I want us to have a few FUN and lazy days, but I also desire for us not to waste our summer doing nothing.

This summer our entire family will each pick (3) goals we want to accomplish in a 12 week period.

  1. A Spiritual Goal
  2. An Educational Goal
  3. A Personal Goal

 Make this the best summer yet. Have an intentional summer with the ease of these family goal printables.

I have created these FREE family Printables to help each of us to keep track with our goals.  Each of us will have a week to diligently think and pray about what we want to accomplish this summer.  Of course, I will help my little ones with their goal settings and filling out their printable, but they will actually choose their goals.  For example, one year my son decided to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels.

We all will gather together one evening to discuss our goals and determine how we can encourage one another.  We will have a prayer to bless our intentional summer.  We will pick one evening a week during supper to discuss our progress.  It’s so imperative that we support one another in our journeys.  It’s a priority to me as a single mom that my  children learn to encourage and bare one another burdens.

At the end of the 12 weeks, we  will have a Family Night party.  It has yet to be determine, we will vote on the party at the initial goal setting meeting.  It’s always something our whole family can enjoy.  I do make it clear that we are truly successful with our goals as long as we have tried our best and we continue to move forward in reaching our goals.

Will you join us in making this summer an intentional summer?  I would love to hear your goals.