I diligently pursue to keep Christ in Christmas each year a midst the craziness that seems to take over our lives this time of year.

The story of Christmas is magnificent to me. Just to ponder a little tiny baby, yet so mighty and powerful to bring us eternal life for all  who believe in Him.

It still is astounding to me.

And I want my children to marvel in this miracle,  too.

And to think the myriad thoughts that must have been going through Mary’s mind.

Two years ago, we made a small Christmas tree with the names of God on it.

We printed the names of God on a white piece of paper and cut them out with decorative scissors.  We glued them on the tree with a hot glue gun.


Next, we gathered the several different fabric swatches and cut them out into strips about 4 in. long and tied them on  the ends of tree.

Of course, we had to add some “bling,” so we just threw some tinsel on it.

Simple and festive, yet still representing the true meaning of Christmas.  BTW,  the picture doesn’t do this tree any justice.  It’s much cuter in real life.

Click here to see the “Princess Tree”

How do you keep Christ in Christmas?