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I know it’s a controversial issue…should the children stay with your during the sermon?

I am not going to debate the issue today.  I have had our children bored to tears in worship with me and on the extreme they have went to a completely different service and played games during the hour.

Each family needs to decide what’s best for their individual family. There is no right or wrong decision. 

I created this Children Sermon Notes printable for my children to complete during the our weekly service. All of their friends were curious about their sermon notes so,  I printed several kids sermon notes printable off for their friends, too. I always keep a few extra in my Bible for little friends. I have had many requests from pastors and children ministers asking me permission to share in their worship service. So , please fell free to share with others. 

I require my children to take notes during the sermon for numerous of reasons:

  • Keeps them focused
  • Holds them accountable during the week
  • Sparks interesting conversations during our Sunday lunch
  • Taking notes is the perfect opportunity to prepare note taking for college

I don’t check for neatness or misspelled words.  This is for them to keep in their bible notebook for reference at a later date. The goal here is for my children to learn to take notes and mostly importantly discern what the Holy Spirit is teaching them during each worship service.

The sermon notes are a great refresher to discuss during the middle of the week. It’s just a simple way to hold one another accountable. 

I created this printable for my email subscribers. Simply fill out the form and you will receive the PDF instantly via email. Please check your spam folder. I create weekly printables, so you always have something to look forward to.


I hope your children enjoy taking notes during the sermon with this Children’s Sermon Notes!


  1. This is great. I have been looking for something to keep the kids involved during the sermon, other than looking around or drawing. This is a wonderful idea even for those not homeschooling. I’m going to use them for all my kids from now on! Thanks so much!

  2. Karen Judd says:

    We had a program at our church that we invented for our own children. We provided a notebook, like a portfolio, and some gel pens to use. My husband would directly address them from the pulpit and give them things to write down in there notebooks. We expanded it to the rest of the church for kids that had outgrown children’s church but weren’t quite old enough for youth group. At the end of the month we would have them to our home for dinner after church and we would go over the noteooks with them. After they would make their own sundaes. My husband called them “The Scribes.” I found your paper on pinterest and now we use it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Gillian Gauthier - Gigi Photography - says:

    Thank you so much for this! We have begun to keep our children in church full time and these sermon notes are fantastic. We have been doing it for a while but I was looking online for something to help keep their attention.Thanks again!

  4. Thank you so much! My granddaughters have recently moved in with me. I’m starting all over and have been struggling to incorporate faith-building activities into our schedule. This will be a great conversation starter.

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