Bringing Classical Music Alive For Your Children

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As I was growing up, my parents frequently played classical music around the house. I am sure they did it mainly because it brought them pleasure to listen to it, but whether they were aware of it or not, they were also giving us children a gift. 

Since my childhood, much research has been done on the amazing benefits that classical music has on the human brain, especially for young children as their brains are developing. Classical music has been linked to improved memory, mood, higher test scores and numerous other benefits. All excellent reasons to incorporate more classical music into our children’s lives.


When I was a child I especially loved the classic story of Peter and the Wolf and the beautiful music that brought it to life. The way the characters came alive with the different sounds of each instrument was just enthralling to me, and I could really visualize the progression of the story as I listened to the music. 

Since Peter and the Wolf was such a favorite of mine, still is to be completely honest, I was excited to have the chance to review a new app for kids, Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood. The makers have taken the traditional Russian tale, and while keeping the basic story the same, they have given it a fun new modern twist in a whole different setting. This award-winning app is a great way to introduce children to the story and to classical music.

I let my nephew try out the app, as well as my friend’s children, and they were all instantly engrossed. The Deluxe iPad app can be downloaded for only $4.99 and has several features that the kids will really enjoy. The full story with the beautiful accompanying music, 8 games, a really neat section that shows how all the incredible animation was done, and an educational portion. There is also a study guide available for downloading.  The kids played on it continuously until the battery died. True Story.

I am so glad that I can introduce my kids to this timeless classic in such a fun new way. I think your kids will really enjoy it as well. 

How do you incorporate classical music into your children’s lives? Do you agree that classical music is beneficial? How so? Share your thoughts with me. 


  1. Christina G. says:

    This is a great idea for an app. It’s good to expose children to classical music. The earlier the better. Thanks for sharing!

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