24 Books for Children to Spark an Intellectual Conversation!

TOP 25 Books for Children to spark intellectual conversations!

Having my children think from a biblical worldview is one of the TOP reasons we have chosen to homeschool our children.  

I have compiled a list of books for children that have ignited intellectual conversation among my children and myself during our read a loud time.

Do you have books for children that have made in depth discussion among your children?

I recommend some of these books for read a loud only due to the controversial topics.

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  1. Great list! We have recently enjoyed the following:
    The princess and the kiss
    The Word Collector
    The Little Red Bird
    I survived september 11
    The Boxcar Children
    The Narnia series 🙂

    We plan to start the Little House series next week

  2. We’ve recently read:

    The little prince
    Peter Pan
    The Wizard of Oz
    Alice in Wonderland

    We’re working on “Through the Looking Glass.” Our littlest one has really enjoyed the read aloud time. We’ve especially gotten a lot talking about what is happening with the characters.

  3. What Joy Is Mine says:

    Jill…what a fabulous list! Some we’ve read and some were new to me. Books for older children (14 – 18) that we have enjoyed discussing are:
    1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    3. The Count of Monte Cristo
    4. Mother (Kathleen Norris) (only my daughter read)
    5. The Lamplighter (from the Lamplighter Book Club)
    6. The Hood Trilogy (only our son read so far)
    7. The Blue Dolphin
    8. The White Gypsy (Lamplighter Book Club)
    9. Selected Shakespeare Plays
    Thank you for sharing at WJIM this week. Have a good week.

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