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This new year I decided I wanted to read more because I adore it. It’s my relaxation therapy. So I decided to come up with a book challenge 2016 for myself. 

book challenge 2015

And of course, I want you to join me.

I want to broaden my horizons by reading multiple different genre and topics of interest. I rarely read fiction, but I do enjoy it. I believe you can grow from reading from any type of book. 

Here’s my  Book Challenge 2016 Printable with all the different genres and topics I plan on reading this year. I am just going to check them off as I read them. If I don’t get to all of them, no sweat, I will add them to my next year book challenge list. Reading is meant for enjoyment not stress. In fact, I have read a loud with my children every afternoon on my bed. It’s pure joy to me.

book challenge 2015

Here are some books that I have enjoyed or are currently on my wish list this year, but feel free to add your own books that meet your interests.




Friend Recommended


Short Story


Christian Fiction














How To

Amish Fiction

If you are anything like me, you will want to take notes on all the non-fiction books. I like to go over my notes over the years, so I don’t have to reread the whole book again.

I created some cute notebook pages for you to take notes with. Just print out as many as you need and grab your highlighter and enjoy!

<<<download Book Challenge 2016 Printables>>>

I am super excited to grow in all areas of my life especially in my walk with the Lord. Please join me in growing to be the woman God created us to be with this FUN no stress Book Challenge 2016. Be sure to share it with your friends, too.


  1. Thank you for the invitation and the printables! Maybe putting the printables in my binder will help me not have pieces of papers with notes scattered between my reading and study areas!

  2. I just found a link to this post form Money Saving Mom Money Saving Mom and had to read more. I am printing this up today. I love to read myself, I get the most reading done at the gym or during my lunch break at work (on the days I’m not already at the gym during lunch). I was trying a combination of “fiction”, “reference” and “faith” to give my reading a nice mix. However, I was finding it hard, because I was depending on myself to remember what I read last. Well that turned into me “forgetting” that I already read a topic, on those occasions I wanted to read the same topic again instead of mixing it up. This is such a better way to hold myself accountable. There are some great suggestions here. I am already in the middle of reading “How to Blog for Profit” and read the first in the “Anne of Green Gables” story last year. I will have to look at your list, plus the free books I got today from Crystal’s sight and make my own list. However, your check list is going to be my accountability barometer. Thank you for this, it will really help keep me in check!

  3. I love this book challenge. It inspired me to make a list of my own for 2015. You wouldn’t consider making another for me with my categories, would you? I don’t have the ability to make cute printables like this. I used most of your categories, but changed a few based on my interests. BTW, I’m new to the blogging world so my blog has nothing on it. I just bought the domain and put a ‘place holder’ up.

  4. What a great idea! *Ironically, I have several of the titles you have listed* :o) Looking forward to joining you!

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