The BEST Educational Board Games for Families!

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best educational board games

I have always loved games even as a small child. I have instilled my passion into my family.

Providing the best educational board games for your children will reap benefits and rewards beyond measure.

There is no better way to increase knowledge, fine motor skills, teamwork, and strategic abilities than playing FUN games.
SimplyFun games provides exactly what their websites states:

With more than 100 award-winning products that support the needs of today’s kids, parents and teachers, SimplyFun games are repeatedly recognized for their unique and easy to learn concepts, interactive components and specific skill–building features. SimplyFun games meet the educational needs of children in language development, math, critical thinking, spatial reasoning and more. Plus, the games are fun for the whole family – an award–winning combination.

I find SimplyFun’s website full of information when choosing a game. Each product includes the following helpful information.

  • General information about the game
  • Highlights
  • Core Curriculum standards, if any
  • Skills that will be mastered
  • Modification tips on how to meet special needs children
  • Special tips to engage Autistic children
  • Extended play suggestions

SimplyFun has really put a lot of thought into their games to make them excellent for all children and families.

Our family has been having a blast playing Get 4 & Score and Letter Slide during school time and Family Game Night. They are both vibrant with colors and come in sturdy boxes. There is nothing worse than purchasing a game with a cheap box. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to throw away games due to missing pieces. 

best educational board games

Get 4 & Score

This is a favorite of my older children, however, I was able to modify it so our whole family could play together. Just flip over the top card in the deck from each of the Four Letter Card piles and roll the dice to reveal their point values. Next, turn over the top category card and flip over the timer.

best educational board games

Players scurry to write four answers correlating with the category and starting with the letter on each of the flipped cards. Players reveal their answers and score points based on the dice rolled after the timer expires. After 10 rounds, the player with the highest score wins! It really gets them thinking.

Take a peek at how to play Get 4 Score.


Letter Slide

best educational board games

My little ones enjoy the challenge of this game. It took them a few games to really get the hang of it. I did modify the rules for my 4 year old. Helping my second grader just a few times made him feel like he was Einstein. He has been working on 4 letter words, so this is very appropriate for him.

best board educational games


Just pick Letter Tiles to make as many four-letter words as you can before the timer runs out. Place one Letter Tile from each correctly spelled word onto a corresponding letter space.  Cover all the Letter Spaces on your Slide Board first to win the game! 

Take a peek at how FUN Letter Slide is when playing the game.


I highly recommend SimplyFun when choosing the best educational games for families. They make wonderful gifts that can meet any family’s needs.

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Which best educational board games do you think your family would love? 


  1. I really think my kids would enjoy Get 4 & Score! It looks really fun!

  2. This looks like a great game for my kiddos!

  3. The Make It Real Learning workbooks would be great.

  4. I think my kids would like all of these games. They enjoy fun, hands-on learning activities.

  5. I think the Blue Series would work best for us.

  6. Light Blue Series Grade 6

  7. Starlene Stevens says:

    Letter Slide looks fun!!!

  8. We’ve never considered using Math Mammoth ñ but these learning games look awesome!

  9. Jaime Lynn says:

    They all look fun! The blue series would be the best fit for our family I believe 🙂 Thanks for offering this!

  10. Letter slide

  11. I really believe we could have a lot of fun with Letter Slide 🙂

  12. I think we would have a blast with Get 4 and score.

  13. These look amazing and perfect for my girls! I love educational games!

  14. Michelle M. says:

    We love to play games as a family. Letter Slide looks fun!!

  15. Darlene Sullins says:

    There are soooo many fun looking games! I think “My Mine” looks super fun!

  16. Texas Momma says:

    My kiddos would LOVE Letter Slide!

  17. erickajen says:

    wow! i think those sound like some really fun games, but i LOVE word games of any kind. 🙂

  18. erickajen says:

    letter slide!

  19. The Get 4 game looks like a great family night game. So much fun!

  20. Bonnie Boucek says:

    I think my kids would just laugh their heads off trying Get 4 and Score.

  21. My kids would really like Letter Slide!

  22. Letter slide looks fun.

  23. Deanna B. says:

    Letter Slide would be great for my daughter.

  24. Ginajohnson says:

    Letter Slide would be played a ton at our house! Looks like so much fun!

  25. I know that I would like any of these games, but probably for my kids–Letter Slide. Thank you for a great give away.

  26. Melissa Fawley says:

    My family would love ALL of these games:)

  27. Cindy eh? says:

    I really think my tween and teen would enjoy all the games. We are big games fans. 4Score would be good for my teen and his friends. Letter slide would be good for my dyslexic tween.

  28. Letter Slide!

  29. I think my children would like both but at this age would benefit more from letter slide. Thank you!

  30. Get 4 Score looks fun!

  31. Letter slide would be the game we would love. I have a 5 and 7 year olds.

  32. I think my boys would love Letter Slide!

  33. Get 4 Score sounds fun.

  34. Jennifer C says:

    I think we would enjoy Letter Slide.

  35. Wow! This looks great. We would be split in our family some would like the Letter Slide, and others the Get 4 & Score and they saw the High Tail It on the site. Great fun. Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. Marie moffatt says:

    Letter slide looks like lot of fun!

  37. Judith Martinez says:

    Oh my goodness! the Shakespeare game looks so fun!

  38. Get 4 and Score looks like a lot fun!

  39. Letter Slide would be great for my Kindergartener.

  40. I like the looks of 15 to Zero.

  41. we would probably like letter slide since we enjoy word games

  42. Teresa Locklear says:

    I like the looks of all the games. We have a 15 yo, 13 yo and 7 yo, so any game would be a blessing.

  43. I’d love to try the Shakespeare game!

  44. Letter slide would be great!

  45. mmmonchan says:

    Perhaps Letter Slide; they all look fun! 🙂

  46. Angela Bergeron says:

    I think my family would enjoy letter slide. My 2 kids are beginner readers and I think it would be a fun way to get them spelling.

  47. Donna Pheneger says:

    It’s a hard choice! Letter Slide would be a good one with the three grand kids!

  48. Math games like Fourmation, 15 to Zero, and Front Runner look excellent, as well as the choices you have reviewed here.

  49. The get 4 and score looks fun!

  50. My girls would love Get 4 and Score!

  51. Jessica Medina says:

    Get 4 and score look slike a game we would really enjoy.

  52. Letter slide looks fun!

  53. Letter Slide looks good!

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