9 Things to Think About before Adding a Family Pet

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Adding a furry or feathered friend to your household can be an exciting idea. Some of the bigger perks: Pets can boost self-esteem and lower stress for everyone in the family, and they can teach your little one a lot about love.

Not to mention, pets can teach your child responsibility.

However, there are several factors that all family’s need to take into consideration before adding a pet to your family.

9 Things to Think About before Adding a Family Pet

  1. Assess your child’s behavior when deciding on a pet.  If your child is responsible with school work and is a self-starter then he may be ready for a pet.
  2. Some pets can be dangerous, even if you buy them at a pet store. Some reptiles can transmit salmonella, dogs and cats can spread infections, and ferrets bite, so consider each pet carefully before purchasing.
  3. Consider how much time it will take to properly care for the pet. Some dogs shed and require constant grooming. Make sure you research the type of breed you’re considering adopting.
  4. Dogs need love and nurturing.  One of a dog’s basic needs is to have structure and discipline, so make training a priority. Does your family have time to train a dog?
  5. Costs for pets extend beyond food and toys. Cats are generally less expensive to care for than a dog. Call your local vet to find out what a yearly checkup will cost you.
  6. Can you have a dog in an apartment? It’s important that you match the dog to your home. Larger dogs need more space, whereas smaller dogs may be well-suited for an apartment and smaller yard.
  7. Create a list of pet-related chores.  Write these tasks on a chore chart and assign each to a member of the family. Are family members familiar with their pet chore responisbility?
  8. Decide on house rules for the pet before you bring it home. New pet owners should decide on rules before the new pet comes home so that everyone in the family knows what to expect.
  9. Make Your Home Pet-Friendly. Did you know that chewing gum can be deadly for dogs, or that ibuprofen is toxic to cats? It is highly important to go through your home now, before you bring a new pet home, to seek out hazards and get them out of the house.

Swiffer has made our pet responsibility much easier as a family. My children absolutely adore using all the Swiffer products. Their favorite is the Swiffer Dry and Swiffer Wet Jet.

After all, shed happens. 

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Are you planning on adopting a pet?


  1. Annette says:

    My favorite Swiffer product is Dusters.

  2. Angelica Dimeo says:

    I like the swiffer mop

  3. Jamie Springer says:

    My favorite Swiffer is the Wet Jet and the dusters!

  4. Allison Pettiette says:

    I love the Swiffer dusters and the wetjet!

  5. Terisha Villarreal says:

    I love them all, but if i had to pick one I would have to choose the dusters. Especially the reaching ones for ceiling fans and tops of shelves and cabinets. They are a life saver.

  6. Swiffer dusters is what we have but want to add a Swiffer Wetjet. Amy

  7. The Swiffer Wet Jet is my favorite! With 3 cats and a dog the kids and I used it so much that it just broke after many, many years of service!! I didn’t expect it to last so long..I need a new one!!!

  8. Julie Bickham says:

    I love their wet jet! I wish I could adopt a dog but can’t have pets in our home.

  9. Angela Saver says:

    My favorite Swiffer product is the Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender Kit! It extends up to three feet! Love it!
    Thanks for the chance at this!


  10. Susan Rikala says:

    I would like to adopt a cat. As of now we have 2 dogs. My favorite Swiffer is the Wet Jet.

  11. Latisha Odell says:

    My favorite product is the Swiffer 360 extender. Love using it to clean blinds, ceiling fans, and baseboards.

  12. Hannah G says:

    I haven’t used very many Swiffer products, but I like the wet jet mop.

  13. My favorite is the regular Swiffer and I like buying the wet pads for it. No more pets for a while here. We have 3 dogs and 1 cat.

  14. My favorite Swiffer product is their regular one and I love getting the wet pads for it. Their dusters are awesome too. No more pets here for a while. We have 3 dogs and 1 cat. 🤣

  15. Sheri Newell Anderson says:

    My favorite Swiffer product is the wet jet, my son has one in his home and I want to get one, just love it! bakingmom@gmail.com We have a cat named Precious in our home!

  16. Katrina Bagwell says:

    The dusters are great, we go through them like crazy.

  17. Ginger Gonzalez says:

    Swiffer Wet Jet!!

  18. Stephanie H. says:

    Three years ago we adopted (or as we like to say he adopted us) our cat from our local humane society. My favorite Swiffer products are the wet jet and the dusters.

  19. Melanie Hawk says:

    I have recently become a fan of the Swifter WetJet. I have 1 dog, 3 cats, 1 teenager, and 1 preteen special needs kiddo. As a single Mom, establishing a chore routine for the boys that rotates with myself included in the rotation, of course or its not seen as equal, the Swifter products have become a life saver I swear by. Who knew to clean the walls and ceilings it’s as simple as using the Swifter WetMop. The long handle makes it easy to reach but also there is no pushing or scrubbing needed, just wipe along as you would your floor so you can collect the dust build up and any spider webs (yes I admit I have those sometimes). Great for use on outside of kitchen cabinets and closet doors too!!. Dusting could never be more simpler either. My special needs son lover that “chore!” The duster is fluffy and feels good to him sensory wise and it works like “magic.” I make window cleaner with vinegar, distilled water, and essential oils… using the Swifter Duster makes cleaning mirrors and windows a fun “chore” also and with a cleaner that is safe that I know my special abilities child will be in the direct vicinity of the mist spray and it does not bother his asthma quite so bad. The wet mop wipes take off crayon, grease, and most anything from walls and in the kitchen or home when used by hand and a little scrubbing. The wet jet sweeper, my boys fight over whose turn it is to mop the floors, haha! Cleaning has Never been That simple. What took me so long to try Swifter products? Cat hair, dog hair, people hair (lol), food crumbs, and so much dirt tracked in from the outside of our home, dust particles, grasses, just stuff, Swifter products picks it up and collects it so I can neatly throw it away on the pads and dusters without having to worry about it reappearing from my garbage when things get tossed into it… dust does fly again, so does dirt, it all used to magically collect around the inside of the garbage bag. Not anymore!! Thank you swiffer!! We are moving within the next 3 months and of course what is on the top of my list as cleaning supplies… Swiffers, I need to restock all of my supplies of Swiffers supplies, even dusting pads in my car. Other than toilet bowl cleaner and laundry supplies, and dish soap, toilet paper, kleenex, and paper towels, Swiffer products are a main cleaning staple. I will of course need to Swiffer the place we move into, lol! A home is not clean unless I’ve Swiffered it. 🙂

  20. Harold J. Cyr, Sr says:

    I like the Swifter wet, my dog doesn’t shed to much but the swifter makes things easier. And at 69 need all the help I can get, ha ha

  21. I’d love a wet jet! We currently have a rescue malamute with no plans on getting another.Sharon

  22. Heather B says:

    We really like the Swiffer Dusters, would love to try the Wet Jet

  23. Shirley Emitt says:

    My sister has a Swiffer Wet Jet, I really like it.

  24. Elisabeth says:

    My favorite is the wetjet. I haven’t had a Swiffer in years.

  25. swiffer mop

  26. Deborah Bolin says:

    I loved the Swiffer I had. It could get into spots that I couldn’t with a regular broom.

  27. I love the wet jet!

  28. We like the Swiffer dusters and sweepers

  29. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I loved the stiffer wet jet and it was taken from my home.
    Email : reidsrd@hotmail.com

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