7 Healthy Snacks to eat with String Cheese

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This year, I am dedicated to making a complete turn around in my overall health. This includes my physical, mental, and spiritual nature.

I know this isn’t just a diet per se, but a life long change that must take place in my daily habits in order for me to be a healthier mom, teacher, and friend.

Weight Watchers Light String Cheese has always been one of my favorite snacks. It’s full of flavor and so fun to pull apart. Weight Watchers Light String Cheese is a satisfying choice when you need a quick snack on the go. If you count Weight Watchers points, you’ll be thrilled to know it’s only counted as 1 WW point.

However, I always like to grab something else healthy to eat with my Weight Watchers Light String Cheese. I usually prepare portion sized foods in ziplock baggies for a quick snack on the go Sunday evenings so I can just grab and go.


It’s so convenient for me to pick up a pack or two of Weight Watchers Light String Cheese at my local Wal-Mart shopping trips. Sometimes I find it hidden in the cheese section, but I have found most Wal-Mart’s carry Weight Watchers Light String Cheese.

7 Snacks on the go to eat with String Cheese

Closeup of an assortment of Sweet Peppers and Chilies in Bowls misted with water on a rustic wooden surface.

Weight Watchers Light String Cheese with sweet peppers are wonderful with the perfect little crunch in every bite. If I eat too many, I get heartburn, so I must limit myself to 3-4.


Weight Watchers Light String Cheese with Fuji apples are delicious. Of course, you can choose any type of apple you prefer, but Fuji apples are my absolute favorite and are worth the extra costs in my opinion.

Weight Watchers Light String Cheese with almonds are extremely healthy. Make sure you buy the almonds in their natural state to benefit from their nutritional value. I admit, I love the ones that are covered in sea salt as a treat. 


Weight Watchers Light String Cheese with turkey pepperoni is the bomb. I happen to like turkey pepperoni better than the real thing. It’s less greasy and tastes great with string cheese.


Weight Watchers Light String Cheese with grapes are perfect for on the go. I make sure I have several snack sized baggies filled with washed grapes for the week. This is one of my kid’s and mom’s favorite combo with their beloved string cheese.

Weight Watchers Light String Cheese with crispy sliced cucumbers are tasty together. I sometimes put sea salt on my cucumbers in my snack-sized baggie. It’s another favorite, for my kiddos. They like to bring this snack combo to school.

Pistachio nuts on wooden background

Weight Watchers Light String Cheese with a handful of pistachios gives you an extra boost in protein with a bit of saltness to hold you off until meal time.

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What’s you favorite snack on the go with Weight Watchers Light String Cheese?

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