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It’s fall y’all!

Apple picking is in full swing. I used to love going to the apple orchard as a child each year. We would pick our apples to bring home, and of course we could never wait until we got home to eat one of those delicious, juicy red apples. It was a family tradition to eat one plump apple during the car ride home.

apple picking tips

One of my favorite aspects of visiting the apple orchard was the apple cider mill that was present on site. I distinctly remember the magnificent aroma of apples as we watched the apples go through the complete apple cider process at the mill. In fact, today I’m notorious for always having an apple candle or scentsy melting during the autumn months.

I wanted to share with you some practical apple picking tips that we have found helpful in the last years. It’s always fun to pick apples, but I want to preserve my apples for as long as possible. Also, are you aware that there is actually a correct way to pick an apple?

Who would have known, huh?

7 Apple Picking Tips

  • Dispose of any apples that are on the ground immediately, especially when you have smaller children with you. These apples have a tendency to have worms, pests and rotten flesh. Yes, I know it’s hard to throw them away, but it’s better safe than sorry.
  • Always pick apples on lower branches first to avoid possible bruising. Often times an upper apple might fall from a tree and knock a lower apple causing a nic or bruise.
  • Carefully place your hand underneath each apple, roll the apple towards the branch, and twist. Your apple should still have the stem, but not the spur.
  • Gently place your apples in a bag or basket when picking. You don’t want to overload the bag or basket to avoid possibly tearing the bag and your apples tumbling on the ground and becoming bruised.
  • Never wash apples until you are ready to eat them. They have a tendency to last longer.
  • Store apples in a cool place, such as a refrigerator. Avoid leaving them out on your counter even if they look so darn pretty. 
  • Always ask the attendant where the ripe apples are located. Color doesn’t guarantee ripeness. 

Apples make me giddy. They are beautiful, tasty, and so versatile. I don’t think one could have too many apples without discovering a use for them.

Be sure to print the FREE Johnny Appleseed Unit Study and make some homemade apple playdough for your kiddos.

I hope these 7 apple picking tips will encourage your family to pick a few juicy apples this fall.