5 Times to Splurge on Yourself without Breaking the Bank!

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of GivingAssistant. All 5 times to splurge on yourself tips are my very own. 

I have learned over the last couple of years that it’s genuinely healthy to splurge on myself once in a while.

Yes, just on lovely me.

Originally, I felt a bit selfish, even though I know I shouldn’t have felt that way. However, I discovered that I was absolutely not alone in my wacky way of thinking. Many moms feel the same way I once did about treating themselves. Today, I want to make a public announcement and encourage you to STOP that crazy thinking.

You are special! You deserve to splurge on yourself on occasion, but without excess.

Many times we forget to take care of ourselves because we are too busy wearing a gazillion hats for our family members. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom, and I enjoyed the concept of being a wife when I was married. Now, he might not have appreciated it, but that’s another story for another day. 

The Tragic Day that Changed my Life for the Better

I distinctly remember when my favorite bra snapped one morning before church, and I was figuratively heartbroken. 

And a bit panicked!

Heck! That was my favorite, and only, bra besides my cheap sport’s bras. My beloved, shabby bra was so worn out that I couldn’t even read the brand or style on the shredded tag in order to replace it after worship that afternoon.

Now, why on earth did I only own one bra?

The truth of the matter is…I just didn’t feel it was a priority to have more than one bra. Geez, you can only wear one bra at a time, right? Just in case you are curious, when I washed my favorite singular bra, I would throw on one of my sport’s bra. So, my one special bra did get a cleaning occasionally. It was a system that took place a few times per week. 

My Wise Self-Proposal that Changed my Life


First, I will always own two bras that are actually in decent shape without broken snaps. Also, I’m going to be okay with splurging on myself once in a while under certain circumstances that won’t hinder my family’s happiness or livelihood.

I want to encourage you to seriously consider owning more than one pretty bra and occasionally splurging on yourself when the circumstances are right and not detrimental to your family’s budget. This can entail spending time doing something you enjoy or making a purchase that will make you smile for more than five minutes.

5 Questions I Ask Myself before I Splurge on Me

I don’t feel I need to answer yes to all of these questions for each purchase, but these are the questions that I ask myself before I splurge. It’s all about balance and being realistic.

Can I Afford it? There is nothing more stressful than having more month than money. I’m absolutely not insinuating  that I should go purchase those flashy new boots because I’m having a bad week. I make sure my bills are paid first.  I used to get my toes done every couple of weeks because it was enjoyable to me. I made sure that I had that service worked into my monthly budget. And guess what? We all survived and never went without food or lights. I’m just aware of where I am money-wise in the month before I justify a me-splurge. 


Can I Shop Through Giving Assistant? This is a fabulous cash-back website that gives the highest cash-back rates for stores that sell popular products ranging in all categories, such as, beauty, home goods, food, and so much more. 100% of the rebate comes back to me, although (and I love this aspect),  I can choose to donate some or all of my earnings to a charity of my choice. Giving Assistant is a free digital loyalty program with over 1,600 of the largest retailers with an average of 5% cash-back reward from each online purchase I make through them. They even allowed me to combine cash back with a coupon to save even more money.


I decided a splurge was in order last week, so I ordered a few of my favorite lotions. I simply went to the Giving Assistant website and was able to get 20% off my entire purchase. It was simple, and Giving Assistant credited back my secured debit card within a few days. 

Is the Item on Sale? I rarely purchase something for myself unless I have a coupon code or it’s on sale. There are a few exceptions, but I don’t typically care to spend full price for any particular item.  A lot of times the item might be on sale only once a year, so I need to do my homework before splurging. 

Will it Create a Memory? Sometimes I might treat myself to a quilt class or something similar in nature. I know someday when I’m 10 feet under, my children will appreciate my handiwork. Also, I know that we will use that beautiful quilt to snuggle together in the colder months while reading or watching a movie. We are creating precious memories, baby!

Will I Genuinely Use the Item? I have to admit this is the hardest question for me to ask myself and answer with complete honesty. I have been guilty of buying thousands of beanie babies in the past because they were going to make my family rich. It was an investment, you know?

Stop JUDGING Me Already! lol!

And surprisingly, all those precious beanie babies collected dust and didn’t bring in the fortune I promised my husband at the time . I sold the whole dang box of those beanie babies for $5.00 at a garage sale years later.

So, I try hard not to make silly purchases and really ponder if I am going to enjoy or actually use the particular item.

Of course, splurging on myself at times isn’t the ticket to my happiness, but it’s nice to get excited about something just for me. 

When I adhere to my steps, I don’t feel guilty one bit. 

Check out Giving Assistant before you splurge!

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